how do we die?

Vignette Press are back with their second mook!

Following What Is Our Sex? the new mook to be released in February 2009 explores all things death-related and asks the question “How Do We Die?”

A sampler of the mook will be available to download from the Vignette Press site in January, but until then you can feast your eyes on the quite wonderful cover designed by Jason Lingard and featuring an illustration by Nom Kinnear King The mook is edited by Dion Kagan.

I will have a few images included in the mook, though no writing in this one.

More information about the mook’s launch as news comes to hand.

In the meantime, you should pick up a copy of The Sex Mook You know you want to…

the unnatural world

Six of my photographs (including some brand-spanking new stuff) are included in issue #32 of F-Stop Magazine The Unnatural World My images are in the fourth row.

The feature artist for this issue is the extremely talented (and fellow Australian Bubbler), Deborah Hally, and work by the talented and beautiful Elle Moss is also included in the group exhibit (fifth & sixth row).

You can also vote for my image in the latest round of the Saatchi Showdown.

that's pants!

I’ve submitted a selection of my self-portraiture to season 2 of General Pants’ The Bubble:

Yes, another voting thing and yes, you need to log in to vote for my submission if you believe it is the best in the photography category. You only get to vote once for each category, so use your vote wisely if you choose to vote. And thank you to those who choose to vote :D Good karma coming your way!

i'm forever blowing bubbles...

…or rather, Karen was. I think she might have hyperventilated a bit after blowing bubbles for me semi-continuously whilst I tried to capture an image suitable to composite into another photo for the series I’m creating for my Canon Photo5 competition entry.

The two of us and Greg enjoyed the strange looks of folk assembled for a wedding nearby whilst we took photos in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday. Bubble-blowing was the least absurd behaviour we were partaking in, I assure you.

However, you’ll have to wait until the series is completed before you get to see the photos or hear any more about our mischief.

In the meantime, you can see four of my images in issue #31 of F-Stop Magazine (on the right-hand side of the third row), and you can vote for my entry into the cu…

you're a doll

For those in Melbourne, just letting you know that the Totem: Dolls with Souls exhibition extends beyond the Melbourne Fringe Festival until the 12th of October. So head to Fracture Gallery at Federation Square any time, day or night, to check out the creations of some awesome artists.

Don’t forget to stand back and look up, and also get close and seek out the smaller dolls. You won’t see everything on first glance, I guarantee that.

chance steers the hand

“We are able to find everything in our memory, which is like a dispensary or chemical laboratory in which chance steers our hand sometimes to a soothing drug and sometimes to a dangerous poison.”
- Marcel Proust

I have an image in the latest round of the Saatchi Showdown. You can vote for it here.

And a final reminder: if you are in Melbourne you can see this image and three other self-portraits from the asylum, plus a portrait of me by Paul Louis Villani, plus many, many other wonderful photographs at the closing night of the Brunswick Street Gallery Picture This Prize from 6-9pm tonight.

Hope to see you there.

oh formalde, what is happening to you?

Say hello to Formalde. Formalde, say hello to the internets.

This is my alter ego created for the Omnific Assembly’s exhibition Totem: Dolls with Souls which runs from 24 to 30 September at Fracture Gallery, Federation Square, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

“Totem is a collection of dolls created by artists to reflect how they truly feel themselves to be. These dolls are more than just simple children’s toys, they are powerful symbols of who we think we are, the internal workings of the human mind given form and are honest, heartfelt expressions of self.”

There is a great little article about the exhibition in The Age, and there is a photo of the curator Sayraphim Lothian having tea with her inner self here.

If you’re in Melbourne come on down fo…


Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of She Took Her Own Picture! The book is a best seller in the Blurb Bookstore!

The not-for-profit book is only available for a limited time of 60 days (and 10 days have already passed since it was made public) so snap up your copy NOW!

calendar girl

I now have calendars for 2009 available!

I currently have five different calendars:

The Great Pretender – character-driven self-portraiture
Oh! The Horror! – it’s deadly serious
365 Days – the best image from each month of my 365 Days project
The World Around Us – abstract landscapes and creatures
Alternate Worlds – images from my debut solo exhibition

And… they’re so easy to put together that if you ask nicely I would be willing to put together a calendar of my images of your choosing especially for you! Send all requests to or bubblemail me.

However, if choosing just 12 of my images is too hard, you can always pick up a copy of my book

born from this earth and taken by the wind

This is not a self-portrait.

This is the fantastic brainchild and imaginings of Paul Louis Villani.

In addition to taking self-portraits in pastel-coloured rooms and halls, and photographing gorgeous girls in frocks, and topless long-locked boys in the shiny steel drawers of the morgue; I also made time during the recent weekend at Aradale to climb into a metal chimney for Mr Villani with contortionist moves that closely resembled the way a chicken wishbone looks not long before it is split in two between you and your sibling.

Despite how that sounds, it was a pleasure posing for him whilst Karen threw material in the air on short notice. Finally a little proof that I can look presentable in photos others take of me! And you can view it larger here

Paul’s image above and his other…

to dream more, to dream all the time

“If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.”
- Marcel Proust.

Just a reminder to those in Melbourne that I have four images in the Picture This 08 prize opening tonight at Brunswick Street Gallery, as well as appearing in one of Paul Louis Villani’s images. There will be a number of Flickrites and Bubblers about, so come on down!

Also, if you’d like to see a bit more about Aradale Mental Hospital, there is a video on YouTube put together by Hudcomm at the recent photo weekender there. Myself, Karen and Greg can be seen in the car park at about 50 seconds in, and then I’m the short girl with hair flying across her face, a clothes rack under one arm and a strangely husky voice talking to c…

she took her own picture

Friday 12th September 2008

Contact: Bronwen Hyde

Press Release

She Took Her Own Picture
- 44 female artists from across the world have come together online to self-publish a collection of photographic self portraits—-

The group of women, most whom have never met each other, have collaborated through a photo-sharing website where they share their work online, to produce a book of their self-portraits.

She Took Her Own Picture: Selections from the Female Self Portrait Artists’ Support Group will be available this Friday, 12th September 2008. The unique venture comes as a first for women’s photographic self-portraiture today.

Self-publishing the book through, the artists hope the book will serve as a prototype …

picture this 08 / people's choice

Four self-portraits I created at Aradale Mental Hospital this past weekend will be included in the Picture This 08 Prize opening at Brunswick Street Gallery at 6pm on Friday 12th September.

If you’re in Melbourne please come on down and check out the show. If I’m not mistaken there will also be a photograph of me in the show taken by someone else shock! horror!

Also, there is now a People’s Choice Award within the Photography.Book.Now competition that I have entered my book darkness & light into. You are only able to vote for one book in the competition so registration is required, however if you’ve already bought a copy or have created your own book you’ll have already registered on, and if you are going to buy a copy then you’ll need …

morgue chic

models: karen and sandy
shoes and tights: models’ own
concept, styling and photography: bronwen hyde
location: aradale mental asylum morgue

inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin

thank you to sandy and karen for being brave and crazy enough to climb into freezing cold morgue drawers in the aradale mental hospital on a cold night.
i love my friends…

la mort

*thank you to tony and greg for being brave and crazy enough to climb into freezing cold morgue drawers in the aradale mental hospital at 2am in the morning. i love my friends…


I’ve just returned from the most wonderful weekend away that I’ve had in a long time.

After weeks of excited planning and imaginings, myself, Karen, Greg, Tony, Sandy and Rob ventured up to Aradale Mental Hospital on the invitation of Melissa Kirkham, to take photographs within the buildings and grounds of the disused institution.

As I have stated to the four wonderful models I brought along with me on a number of occasions over the weekend, I could not have chosen a better bunch for this trip. The enthusiasm, respect and professional manner which they all demonstrated, not to mention their extremely photogenic appearances, made the weekend an absolute pleasure and made the job of capturing them, whether laid out in a morgue drawer or decked out to the nines, an inspiring an…

50 something or rather

oh, this is so myspace or livejournal, but one won’t hurt. if PLV and michael alesich can do it, then i can too…

1. Do you like blue cheese?
i like all cheese, some blue depending on how strong it is. but i prefer stilton, camembert, brie and saganaki

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
yes, only really when extremely drunk. usually i’m like “it’s bad, m’kay?” but then when drunk.. well, let’s just say i have to be really drunk and it ends in headspins and talking into ceramic telephones..

3. Do you own a gun?
no. I cite Charlton Heston as one of my many reasons for gun control.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
i have no idea what Sonic is, but i’ll drink most things apart from beer.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor…

boy's club

Once again last night on an online forum I was reminded of the element of commercial photography I particularly dislike. That of the “boy’s club” mentality of so many male photographers in the industry.

Coming across a thread about model / photographer’s releases started by a model (who, by the way, seemed to avoid the thread after that), I decided I’d share what I do in terms of a general description of the photographic agreements I have in place with my clients and models. Having seen the way subsequent photographers (including one woman in particular) were torn apart I guess I’m happy I got off with minimal notice the way I did.

What disturbed me about the thread was the derogatory manner with which the photographers assumed superiority over their…


My work can be seen in three shows opening over the next nine days:

RedBubble at the Rialto opens Monday 4th August. Featuring 40 works from artists in the Melbourne & Victoria Group the exhibition can be viewed in the plaza between 7am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday until Friday 15th August. All work is for sale.

My Life Inside A Box, a new InnerNortherns photography exhibition, opens at the Northcote Town Hall on Tuesday 5th August 2008 and runs until September 2nd. The show can be viewed in the display area on Level 1 of the Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote during business hours and all work is for sale.

The Corangamarah Art Prize opens at the Otway Estate Winery & Brewery on Saturday 9th August and runs until 17th August. The exhibition is open from 10am to 5p…

play belle

Back in 1998 I fell in love with the work of Guy Maddin when I saw Twilight of the Ice Nymphs and immediately preceding it, the documentary “Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight”. It wasn’t just Tom Waits husky voice narrating the documentary that washed over me and lulled me into a dazed wonder: watching the extent to which Maddin goes to create his cinematic worlds and then seeing the final, dreamy, glowing product had me utterly enthralled and enamoured.

His work has elements of what I love in the work of Tod Browning’s Freaks and F.W. Murnau’s Sunrise and generally has me in a similar state of wonder.

As Maddin mentions in the documentary, his films generally just get packed up on completion and sent around the world on the film festival circuit as most of …

what's it all about?

Now that the largest projects that have been on my plate for the past couple of months are all done and dusted I’ve been catching up on some light reading.

Following links from the Arts Hub UK weekly “Front Page” email that I subscribed to a few weeks ago, I read an interview with Tracey Emin which leaves me no more decided on how I feel about her or her art; and one about Martin Creed’s Work No. 850 currently being staged at the Duveen Gallery, Tate Britain.

And I found myself having to agree with the author of the latter article in regard to his points about art and meaning, and the imposition of meaning on art:

*What we’re up against here are two of contemporary art’s guiding imperatives. Rule 1) Justification by meaning: the worth and interest of a …

my life in a box

view on black

More exhibition news!

The above image and “The Nights You Stayed Always Ended this Way” will be included in the next Inner Northerns exhibition “My Life In A Box”, which will take place in the display case on Level 1 of the Northcote Town Hall from August 4th until September 2nd.

I also found out just today that “Mannequin” has been selected to be included in an exhibition showcasing Melbourne and Victoria Red Bubble work to be held at the Rialto Towers for two weeks in August.

I’ll post opening times and dates as soon as I know.

Oh, and since I have your attention, I’d love it if you could vote for The Nights You Stayed Always Ended This Way in the latest round of the Saatchi Showdown…

the letter

I received notification today that the above image was not chosen as a finalist in the Olive Cotton Award, so now that it no longer has to be an unpublished artwork to qualify for that, I can publish it online :D

Phirebrush Release #63 is also online as of today, sneaking out a little earlier than usual. I have five images included: one image in the featured section, and it and four other images on the first page of the photography section.

By the way, for those on Facebook, you can show your support for my photography here and follow my proper photography blog here

Buy my book!

night nurse

I received notification yesterday that “Carry On Nurse” [above] has been selected to hang in the finalists exhibition of the Corangamarah Art Prize, to take place from 9 to 17 August 2008 at Otway Estate Winery and Brewery in Barongarook, Victoria!

I wonder if the selection of this image from the three I submitted has anything to do with the Prize being auspiced by Colac Area Health with all proceeds from the exhibition going to Corangamarah Residential Aged Care facility? ;o)

coming attraction

I just ordered a proof copy of my new book tonight!

Including over 100 images from my 366 Days project completed between 17 April 2007 and 16 April 2008, it will be available in softcover, hardcover with dust jacket and hardcover image wrap around the 1st of July.

**I also ordered a copy of Katie West’s Low Self-Esteem and you should too…

small works 08 and showdown

For those in Melbourne, I will have five prints included in the Small Works 08 show at Brunswick Street Gallery which opens this Friday 6th June from 6pm and runs until 19 June 2008. Judging by the number of names on the invite (about five of which I know, mostly from RB) there will be squillions of artworks hanging on the walls to be ogled (and bought, should taking some of it home take your fancy).

If you’d like to actually read the names, there’s a larger version here

Also, I promised I wouldn’t ask for your votes until Monday, and true to my word I’m asking for your votes in the current round of the Saatchi Showdown.

portrait sessions

Just a reminder that I’m offering portrait sessions, for both your personal and promotional needs, as part of my photography business.

If you would like a quote for a session, feel free to email me at letting me know the following:

- Do you require basic headshots or creative portraiture?

- Do you require individual or group portraits? If group portraits, please specify the number of people.

- Do you require the images for personal use only, commercial use only, or for both personal and commercial use?

- Approximately how many final images do you require?

- Do you require the final images as low resolution files only (for web use), high resolution only (for print), high res and low res files (for print and web use), as prints, or all of the above?

- Are …


I know I’m always asking you lovely people to vote for this and for that. I’m sure some of you don’t have the time, don’t care, or are sick of it and have stopped.

But for those of you who have itchy trigger fingers, I’ve entered my work in the Exposure competition run by Artists Wanted in New York.

Although the major prize (which I’d love to win) is decided by the judges, there is also a People’s Choice Award, so your mission, should you choose to accept, is to rate my portfolio

I promise I won’t ask for your votes for anything else until…. Monday.

P.S. If by some miracle I win the major prize, I’ll happily accept donations to pay for a flight to New York. Ahem.

saatchi online critic's choice

I don’t know how I didn’t find out about this before, but I just discovered that I was selected as one of the weekly top 10 artists on Saatchi Online for the week 18 to 24 February 2008 by Ana Finel Honigman, Senior London Correspondent for the Saatchi Gallery’s online magazine and Art Editor of Alef Magazine

Her critique focuses on my 365 Days work and is quite glowing, though I managed to trick her with my clone self-portrait of “Isabella and David”. Everyone assumes that “David” is a man, not me, as they don’t realise it’s a clone :D

sold: one domestic goddess

Tonight I headed down to the opening of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria’s “Collectors’ Exhibition” opening at Steps Gallery in Carlton. I didn’t know anyone else who had work included in the show, and being a Sunday night I didn’t hold too much hope of friends turning out, though I knew Chris had mentioned coming along.

Shortly after my arrival I came across him and we nattered and checked out the art. On getting to my work I found some folk closely eyeing both images and the page dedicated to me in the catalogue (as below). Chris mentioned they’d been doing that for a while.

Of course I was pleased, but ever the “don’t count your chickens” girl, I moved back around the exhibition and we perused other work, discussed …

mooncruise* magazine

Well, it’s been somewhat delayed as you’ll be able to tell from the images included by me and the “featured work” description referring to my hope to exhibit the work as “my first solo show”, but mooncruise* magazine have finally released their new issue!

11 of the final 12 images that made up my solo show are included, along with 7 other images that didn’t make the cut and which I have not previously posted online at all.

The issue includes a wide range of work, from ultra-stylish fashion through gritty black and whites to very personal polaroids (and some of them “not safe for work”).

Easiest way to navigate through the magazine is to click on the names on the right then choose “slide mode on” or “slide mode off…

smiles all round

Zoe’s smiling because I’ve recently edited this wonderful photo of her for inclusion
in my (soon-to-be-live) update of the facade section of my website

I’m smiling because five of my images have been included in Phirebrush Release #61
They are on the first page of the photography section.

And the Phirebrush team are smiling because this issue marks their sixth year! Happy anniversary guys!

disclaimer: i think this may be my cheesiest post ever

the collectors' exhibition 08

I received notification in the mail this afternoon that both of the photos I submitted for the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria’s “Collectors’ Exhibition 08” have been selected to be exhibited!

For those in Melbourne, the opening details, address and exhibition dates are on the invitation above. Hope to see you there.

a year in the life of...

Despite the B-grade horror ending to my 365 (366) Days project, you needn’t fear: she won’t be back for another round anytime soon.

Although I really enjoyed completing my project and I believe I produced some of my best self-portraits to date doing it, I am looking forward to having my life back. I’m not even interested in getting into a Year in Pictures or 52 Weeks project at this stage. I have my work cut out for me just trying to get images of other people and things from the past two years edited now, not to mention getting my business off the ground.

Of course, as self-portraiture has been something I’ve done almost from the time I started taking photographs seriously I’m not suddenly about to stop completely; but I’m looking forward to doing s…


I have five images in Phirebrush Release #60

Three of my images are on the bottom row of the first page of the photography section, and the remaining two are in the top row of the second page.

I have a profile on the site where you can view all the submissions I’ve made to Phirebrush from Release #39 to the current release; and there is an interview with me here

You should also check out the Best of 2007 collection while you’re there. I have an image included in that too.

portrait package survey - i need your help!

As part of completion of the Certificate IV in Business Management (Small Business) I’m currently undertaking, and as a pre-requisite for acceptance into the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program, I have to conduct a survey about the portrait photography business I am starting up.

Your assistance in answering some quick questions for me would be greatly appreciated.

Please take a look at the ‘facade’ section of my website to get an idea of the portraiture that I do, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to click through to the survey to answer the questions.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the online survey or any questions about it.

Due to the nature of the business I’m starting, at this stage those of you in Melbourne and surrounds a…

phirebrush #59

I have five images in Phirebrush Release #59

One of my images is included in the featured section, and it and four other images appear on the first page of the photography section.

I have a profile on the site where you can view all the submissions I’ve made to Phirebrush from Release #39 to the current release; and there is an interview with me here

fear, masks and new beginnings

One of my images was selected to be included in the most recent emerging artists’ exhibition at the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery in Port Melbourne, entitled “Fear, Masks and New Beginnings”.

The exhibition opened on Wednesday night with quite a good crowd and there is some beautiful work on display.

Thank you to Mat, Jess, Matt, Vanessa, Lisa and Iain for coming along for moral support :D

For those in Melbourne, the exhibition runs until 28 May 2008 at:

Toyota Australia
155 Bertie Street
Port Melbourne Vic 3207

Gallery Hours: Thurs & Fri 1-6pm or by appointment.
Inquiries: Ken Wong 03 9690 0902

Please refer to my Artsblog for more information.

phires and frames

Five of my images appear in Phirebrush Release #58 on the first page of the photography section.

I have a profile on the site where you can view all the submissions I’ve made to Phirebrush from Release #39 to the current release; and there is an interview with me here

Speaking of interviews, Edition #2 of Frame Lines Magazine is now available to download and includes interviews with myself and with Young Werther.

And if that isn’t enough, I received an email just after midnight advising me that I’m to be included in an emerging artists exhibition at the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery opening on 27 February 2008 :D :D :D

A new beginning.

Those who know me personally or have followed my journals elsewhere long enough know that my frustration with working in corporate administration reached fever pitch last year and caused a bit of upset toward the end of the year.

Even before that, a few years ago I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be working in “some shitty admin job” by the time I hit 30, and then extended that promise to by the time I hit 31. Whilst staying with my parents over Christmas I stated that I wanted 2008 to be the year of self-employment.

I have been accepted into the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) Program, which is essentially a Certificate IV in Business Management (Small Business), and if my business plan is deemed financially viable at the end of the seven week course, I…

"alternate worlds" book and other news

“Alternate Worlds” Book

A 20 page 7″×7″ full colour hardcover book self-published through Blurb is now available for purchase in my Alternate Worlds store.

It features all 12 images that were included in my debut solo exhibition in August 2007, plus three additional images.

You can order it through me to be sent direct to you from Blurb for $35.00 + p/h of $14.00


You can order a signed copy for $45.00 + p/h of $14.00 (the extra charge covers additional p/h from me to you).

Upcoming Exhibitions

For those who are local, I will have work on show on both sides of the river in February.

I will have four pieces included in the Brunswick Street Gallery Portrait Show 08 which opens on 1 February 2008 from 6pm.

The show runs from 1 – 14 February 2008
Brunswick …

almost a year on...

well, i’ve been somewhat absent on here, as i suspected. not through lack of interest as such, but it’s hard maintaining profiles on so many different sites. probably flickr is the one that i frequent most these days, and along with my blogs and my website is the one featuring the majority of my current work.

i have a lot of plans and hopes for 2008 and one of them is to exhibit the best of my 365 days series – a self-portrait a day for a year – once it is completed in April. as to whether that will happen, i don’t know yet. funds for such things are looking scarce at the moment, so we will see.

in case you’re interested, the current issue of Phirebrush features an interview with me

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait