in the cemetery

I’m finally getting a chance to go through my photos from my road trip. I’m starting with my self-portraits for a couple of reasons that will be explained sometime soon.

This is one from a shoot I did at the Walhalla Public Cemetery. One of my favourite cemeteries, in the small town of Walhalla, in Victoria.

I visited there for the first time in 2005 after seeing a piece about the town on The Age website. I didn’t know they had a cemetery, let alone one set atop a hillside as you enter the town from the south. I gasped aloud when I saw it.

For those new to my photography, that may not be aware, I have something of an obsession with graveyards and cemeteries and photograph them at every opportunity. I am currently behind on editing photos taken at a number of cemeteries, but you can get the general idea of my fascination with these places by visiting the sepulchre i and sepulchre ii sections of my website. Some of my film images of Walhalla Public Cemetery can be found there, including this one

Unfortunately due to time restrictions and the distance we were covering in just three weeks, I only managed to photograph in two cemeteries on the road trip: this series of self-portraits in Walhalla Public Cemetery, and images of the graves at Kiandra Cemetery.

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