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Despite the B-grade horror ending to my 365 (366) Days project, you needn’t fear: she won’t be back for another round anytime soon.

Although I really enjoyed completing my project and I believe I produced some of my best self-portraits to date doing it, I am looking forward to having my life back. I’m not even interested in getting into a Year in Pictures or 52 Weeks project at this stage. I have my work cut out for me just trying to get images of other people and things from the past two years edited now, not to mention getting my business off the ground.

Of course, as self-portraiture has been something I’ve done almost from the time I started taking photographs seriously I’m not suddenly about to stop completely; but I’m looking forward to doing shoots when I’m inspired and in the mood, not just because I have a daily deadline. No doubt outtakes from the project will also find their way into my Red Bubble portfolio, my blog and website from time to time.

For the record, I only missed 3 of my 366 days and didn’t cheat at all: no “I’m still awake so it’s still today” or “No one will notice if I use a photo for yesterday that I took from last year / today” from this camp. Although I don’t really care if others do that, for me I’d have been cheating myself so I was pretty disciplined in that. If I was shooting just before midnight and went over time those photos weren’t in the running; if I missed the midnight deadline by 30 minutes I dealt with it.

The hardest one to miss was my first, but I had to forgive myself the oversight since it was a horrible day: things had gotten so bad with my anxiety and depression that I had to resign from my job.

This last year has been quite eventful as I’d expected, but perhaps not always in the ways I’d expected. I turned 30; I had my debut solo exhibition Alternate Worlds at Brunswick Street Gallery; I produced 10 cover images for Vignette Press’ Mini Shots; I produced 9 images to accompany short stories in the Big Issue’s Fiction edition; I had my first piece of writing (and a virginity haiku and some photos) published in Vignette Press’ Sex Mook; I quit a job I’d hated for much of the 3 years I’d worked there and which had driven me to exhaustion; I started another job but had to resign; I learnt a new word: anhedonia; I learnt to ask for help; I visited my parents in Brisbane and a friend in northern New South Wales; I made many friends, both online and in person; I exhibited in various local group exhibitions; I was interviewed by Phirebrush, Frame Lines and had my work in various online galleries and exhibitions; I realised that after taking and posting so many self-portraits it’s inevitable that people will start to recognise you in public; I completed a Certificate IV in Business Management (Small Business) and was accepted into NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme).

Photographically speaking, of the 363 images I took during my project: 35 were diptychs, 9 were triptychs and there were 2 polyptychs thrown in for good measure; 25 featured my red ribbed-velour couch in all it’s sumptuous glory; 9 had alcohol in the shot, however I lost count of how many were inspired by, taken or thought up whilst under the influence of alcohol; I was naked or at least semi-naked whilst taking 56 of them (whether obvious from the image or not), though despite my nickname my bellybutton only made 4 appearances; when I wasn’t naked I seemed to be showing my knickers (26) or in a slip (40); I also further developed my penchant for wigs (I bought 5 during this year and wore them and a borrowed wig in 30 shots) and other people’s clothing (14), not to mention other people’s houses (27); I grew braver and took 36 images in public places, 2 in rented apartments and 13 in my backyard (not as private as I’d like); I also liked to hang out in bathrooms, both mine and other people’s (16); I took 3 with alternate cameras (Mac PhotoBooth, an old-fashioned photo booth and an underwater camera); I took 12 using only alternate light including candlelight, torchlight, and computer monitor and television as light sources; I spent three days in graveyards; 69 sitting on, lying in or on my bed; and 5 in the bath; I played dead 5 times, cloned myself 7 times and invited others to cameo in my images on 15 days; 18 were direct or indirect tributes to films, 11 were tributes to other artists, 3 were titled with Dirty Three song titles and 15 were shameless self-promotions.

Tomorrow a new year starts for me: my 31st birthday and the launch of my business. I’m excited and nervous and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Thank you to those who followed and enjoyed my 365 Days journey and who inspire and encourage me to keep going with my photography.

Numbers given are rough: it’s hard to keep count when you’re going through 363 images.

The best of the best are included in my Red Bubble portfolio and a larger selection of the images can be found in the Best of 365 Days section of my website.

For the full selection you can visit my Flickr 365 Days set
If you are not a Flickr member you will need this guest pass to view any images in the set that are marked moderate and therefore hidden from public search.

A selection of images from the project are available to buy as limited edition prints
Images from the second half of the project will be made available soon.

Some of the images will also be made available soon through the Bubble as greeting cards and maybe even t-shirts if I can work out how to do all that stuff :o)

Below are some of my favourite images from the project:


  • DennisK
    DennisKabout 7 years ago

    Congrats and well done.
    I love your work!

  • thanks dennis :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Bill Proctor
    Bill Proctorabout 7 years ago

    Well Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for sharing the journey. You are a very talented artist! Congrats. !

  • thanks bill :D it’s been my pleasure :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
    Belinda "Billy...about 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday dear friend, wow, well written and will be my first Journal ever to be favorited! I happen to go to the Brunswick Street Gallery today to drop off some works for the April 25th Drawing and Printmaking Exhibiton. I was wandering if you could come and we could meet. I would so Love that! Think about it.

    I love your work and I did n’t know you suffered with the same illness as myself. No wander you are so talented as we are a special breed!

    I look forward to more of your works, am honored to see you bring in your last day and start your new day on your birthday. Its been so much fun watching you grow and grow and grow. I can’t wait to meet you. All my love for tomorrow. YOur buddy. BillyLee

  • thank you :D i’ll have to drop in to the opening, would be great to meet you :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • DeEtta Brown
    DeEtta Brownabout 7 years ago

    You are simply and complicatedly brilliant. I cannot wait to see what you take on next. Wonderful, inspiring work.

  • blush thank you :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Paul Vanzella
    Paul Vanzellaabout 7 years ago

    what a culmination – and power-house of work, thought and effort… to undertake and come throught the other end is amazing… I so bow to you with respect for creating and building an amazing body of work with so much substance! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!


    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Paul Louis Villani
    Paul Louis Vil...about 7 years ago

    Happy B’day Bronwen!
    Congrats to on remaining so dedicated to finishing a most artful and soulful project! Much respect to you for the quality of your work and creative drive! :D

  • thanks Paul :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Laurie McClave
    Laurie McClaveabout 7 years ago

    Wow what an awesomely brave and beautiful thing to do ! wonderful portraits and so imagnative!

  • thank you laurie :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Craig Goldsmith
    Craig Goldsmithabout 7 years ago

    Amazing work and your gallery is excellent, great stuff really inspiring!

  • thanks craig :D

    – Bronwen Hyde

  • Jennifer Vickers
    Jennifer Vickersabout 7 years ago

    What an great accomplishment. Some great images too.

  • MuscularTeeth
    MuscularTeethabout 7 years ago

    wow amazing journey ! well done !