Constructed carefully in studio spaces or lit locations, my photographs become ‘home’ to a cast of actors and models who act out a series of stories created from story boards. These scenarios range from a man and woman driving a car, a confrontation outside a suburban home, a cleaning lady resting in a quiet room, to a woman and her two children watching TV in a non descript living room; These stories are assembled from fragments of film references, other peoples experiences of spaces they inhabit, and my own memory of spaces I have inhabited.
Through these elaborate tableaux photographs and installations, I am interested in exploring the construction of memory in relation to shared spaces we inhabit as human beings and the psychological tensions that can arise from sharing these spaces. I portray ‘memory’ by playing on the ambiguity of fact and fiction in our ability to recall a scene or happening. These photographs are partly truth and partly myth and explore how memory can confuse, and also assure one’s construct of a story.

  • Joined: October 2007