Hi I’m Anna Beswick although I often go by Must Destroy on the internet.

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About Me

I’m a media student.

I really like designing, drawing, photography, filming and editing and stuff…

I like using analogue cameras and I love lomography.

I’m a bit of a comic nerd, my favourite series being The Sandman, even though it started before I was born.

I like British indie films, and indie films in general. In fact I’m not massively fussy. I like comic films. Yeah they never get it quite right but I don’t mind.

I snowboard and I’m good

I am a street artist. I like stickers and paste ups.

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Random Journal Entry Cause My Order Arrived Today

Yeah, today my Must Destroy t-shirt arrived. Plus a bunch of stickers. / The stuffs really good, t-shirt feels really nice, stickers are sticky, I’m hyped. :)
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