Christmas as a kid.

I remember when I was very little almost every Christmas with my family. I remember my first christmas after my family moved out of a tiny apartment and into a house. My sister’s and my room was in the basement. My older sister had the room across from us because she was older, by 8 years from me.

Anyways, I remember the floor was very cold, but the air was warm and had the faint smell of wood smoke that came from our wood burning stove that heated our house. I was only 2 or 3 at the time and we had just gotten a tiny black kitten named Channel.

Excited that it was christmas day, I ran upstairs to wake my mom and dad. Then back down, falling on the last 3, to wake my sisters up. after getting back up and waking them, we raced back up and saw that the cookies we left for Santa had been eaten and he had left us a note!

We were so happy and excited we couldn’t believe that he had written us a note. My dad took pictures of us as we opened our presents. Channel would watch from her perch in the tree and my mom would laugh at her.

I still miss Channel and that house…

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