my name is Britta, I was born in Hamburg, northern Germany back in the 1970s.

Hamburg was my home for a long time, but now I live some kilometres away in a small town near “Altes Land”, the biggest contiguous fruit orchard in Central Europe.

I work as a teacher for children between 12 and 16 years.

A cat, a dog, a house and a garden are taking some of my time but I try to safe time for my most loved hobby – photography.

I started into the world of digital art and try to give words to what I feel and experience.

I hope you enjoy my images and let me know what you think about them – feel free to leave comments on photos, digital images or writings.

I have some calendars for sale but I’m more than happy to put together calendars with images of your choice. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a tailor made calendar!

I am very happy that my best friend, Heike Nagel , joined in this great community, too!

Wishing you all a great time here on RedBubble.
Kindest regards, Britta

You may want to have a look at my Zazzle Store

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: April 2009


Another sale - this time a shirt

Hi there, / today, when I cecked my facebook profile, I noticed that I sold a V-neck on the bubble! I am so happy! / Thank you, dear buyer, you really made me feel special. Wishing you lots of fun with your shirt and lots of sunshine in life. / Cheers, / Britta / Sunflower shirt
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Selling something is great!

Hi there, / again I sold a copy of my sticker The sunny side of life Yeah! / Thank you, dear buyer! I’m wishing you lots of fun with it!
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Another sale made!

Good morning everybody, / today is a great day, at least for me, because someone out there loved my sticker The sunny side of life so much he or she bought one. Yeah! / Thank you, dear buyer, and wishing you lots of fun with it!
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I made a sale!

I just noticed that I sold a small poster of my “Hummel Hummel-…”! / I’d like to send a big Thank You to the unknown buyer and wish him or her a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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