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I’ve lived in Northumberland, England all my life – with some still to go, hopefully. After starting my career as a carpenter and in the Royal Air Force, I spent 30 years teaching workshop subjects in local schools – didn’t care for it all that much so was delighted to retire early. Since then I’ve been happily spending most of my time on my life-long passion of painting which has become a paying hobby.

My wife and best friend (same girl) Sylvia, puts up with my messy pastime and even encourages me. She’s also been an excellent model. I suppose I could tell of some letters I’m allowed to put after my name, but would rather let my efforts speak for themselves (I don’t take myself too seriously). My main subjects for painting are our lovely historic local landscapes, pet portraits, people portraits, cartoons and personal caricatures and space art.

That last one might seem out of this world, but it allows my imagination to have its head and create my own worlds – powerful stuff if it gets out of control. Oddly enough, they have been my best sellers.

While being an artist can be a solitary hobby, it’s greatest pleasure is in sharing our pictures with others and, hopefuly, speading the enjoyment. Redbubble seems to be just the right way to do that.

Regards, Brian.

  • Age: 81
  • Joined: September 2007


New for old group submissions. Anybody help?

The answer is no-doubt obvious, but eludes me at the moment, so can anyone put me straight please? / Some Groups I belong to allow only a limited number of images. Being at my limit on some, I’ve tried to swap old for new by deleting. I’ve done this by deleting an image intirely from RB, or by un-ticking the Group box when editing. This certainly gets rid of the pictures, but it still…
Posted almost 7 years – 3 comments

The writing's on the wall. limerick Jude

A young artists’ model called Jude. / Would pose for a group in the nude. / They got down to their art. / Apart from young Bart. / Who did things remarkably rude.
Posted about 7 years – 28 comments

The writing's on the wall. Rhubarb.

One more than I’ll promise to go away. / The rhubarb I tried to grow. / Turned out to be albino. / Perhaps in my speed. / I bought the wrong seed. / But it ain’t nececellery so.
Posted about 7 years – 3 comments

The writing's on the wall. Cane and Abel.

Adam’s sons found life unfulfilling. / With no women frustration was killing. / But then Cane would say. / Mind, I’m not going gay. / But his brother was Abel and willing. / Anybody want to join in this silly game?
Posted about 7 years – 3 comments