G’day.. thanks for looking in.

Photography has been a passion for me for over ten years. My immersion in it fluctuates, often burning brightest in the context of travel, and waning somewhat when work and other commitments elbow it aside.

Portraiture and urban landscapes tend to interest me most. In general, I prefer the ‘found’ rather than constructed image, and the ‘straight’ rather than manipulated image.

I think photography can opens one’s eyes and mind to the present, and remind us that there is more to any given moment than we typically observe. When reality squares its shoulders, stares at us straight on, then, after a while lets its gaze fall and looks away – a time which was ‘now’ has since become ‘then’.

All my images are taken on film, using either a Voigtlander rangefinder, an old Rollei, or a Lomo. Typically they are either B&W or strikingly coloured. The latter are produced by a combination of ‘cross processing’ and ‘pushing’ the film. The resultant distortion of colour and enhanced contrast tend to work well synergistically, creating a highly saturated, ‘punchy’ effect. For me their ‘looseness’ and unpredictability in some way serves to counterbalance the more austere black and white medium.

My ‘day job’ is that of an Emergency Doctor, predominantly in an inner city hospital in Sydney, although significant periods have been spent working in remote and rural settings, including the Solomon Islands and Northern Territory. I’ve a passion for travel, cooking, drinking wine, surfing, riding my newly bought vespa and a variety of other bits and pieces.

Anyway, enough talk … hope you enjoy the images"

  • Age: 47
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