It was yesterday.

October 30, 1993.

That was the day that will forever change the way we view music. that was the day we formed Greg, the future of music. Forget every band you’ve heard before. Once we know what I sound is, I’m sure it’ll blow you away. If you went back to listen to all those other albums you own after listening to ours, you’d wonder how you ever wasted money on them. More than that, you’d be wondering how they even got a record deal.

We’re gonna be huge.

I was hanging out outside the school canteen. I was there with Greg, Brent and Pete. If you want to know where the cool Year 10 students are, that’s where you’ll find us. Not because there’s food, because there’s shade.

The kid we call Kermit was there too. We’ve nicknamed him Kermit, because he often wears a green beret. it’s not a nice nickname, but he thinks it is. He can think what he wants to. You can always find him outside the school canteen. Not because he’s cool. Because he wants to be like me. I’m cool. and I’m cool with him wanting to be like me. He won’t be the only one. I’m going to be a rock star. Ididn’t know it at this point. But I’m getting to that part.

So, there we were, all hanging out outside the canteen. Me, Brent, Greg, Pete and Kermit.

I was wearing my Junky Spit and the Mermen t shirt. I love that band. They play psychobilly rock n’ roll, but with a heavier edge. The t shirt has a skeleton wearing a black and white flannel shirt. He’s perched on top of a double bass with his right hand plucking at the strings.

Myra Wilson walked over to me. she was with Michelle Spelling and Ruth Morrison.

Myra’s a nice girl. I don’t know her that well. I think Pete knows her. I think she’s in one of my classes. She seems nice.

‘Hi, David’, Myra said. ’Isn’t it funny that we’re in every class together this semester?’.

‘Really? That is weird’, i said back.

There was a moment of silence then. not like that awkward silence you get when a guy first meets a girl. we’d already met.

Then Myra spoke again, ‘So, you like Junky Spit? I don’t know any of their stuff. I hear their shows are pretty full on though’.

’I’ve never seen them. I want to though’, and I do. ‘I love that band’.

Michelle said, ‘I want to see Blue Vein Cheese Heads’.

‘You like them? I have their albums at home’. I was really excited. I had no idea these girls like the same music I do. I don’t really have all the Blue Vein Cheese Heads albums at home. My brother has. But my brother and I live at the same house, so it’s kind of true.

Myra and Michelle kept saying the names of the bands they like, and each one of those was one of my favourites. I couldn’t believe it. they like Puddleduck and the Walkmans and Elvis Brown.

We just kept talking, all the way through lunch time. I even forgot to eat, which was odd, since we were standing outside he canteen the whole time.

Finally, Myra said, ‘We should start a band’.

It made sense. All the kids are in bands these days. Most of them aren’t even good. Look at those boys in the band Broken Chair. They just jumped on the Seattle scene band wagon and called themselves alternative.

This was the first time Ruth spoke during the conversation, ‘I don’t want to play an instrument. I want to be the singer’.

Michelle was jumping up and down with excitement, ‘Oh, you’d be a great singer, I can just tell. I’ll play bass. Bass playerss are awesome. I’ll be just like Kasey Stucco from the Krusties!’.

Myra turned to me and said, ‘David, you should be the drummer. I’ll be lead guitar. Oh, this is gonna crazy! We’re gonna rock!’.

‘Hey, Greg’, i called. ’We’re gonna start a kick ass band’.

Greg’s eyes seemed to light up, ‘What are you calling yourselves?’.

‘I don’t know’.

I didn’t know. It’s not something you decide right there on the spot. That name has to stay with you. It has to mean something. It has to stand out and make people take notice. It also has to be a name that no one else will call themselves, something that’s ours.

It’s not like you can just look at something and decide that’ll be the name of the band.

‘Greg!’, Myra shouted. ’We’ll call ourselves Greg’.

Okay, so maybe you do just look at something and say that’ll be the name of the band.

I was sitting in English class with Myra. Mrs Burns was talking about the novel we’re meant to be studying. It’s called Boy On The Run, and it’s about a spoilt brat who runs away from his rich parents’ home to join a street gang who become his new family. it seems like such a stupid idea for a book, but it was on some best seller list once. a couple of years ago I might have liked it, or at least read it.

Today, it’s all about the band.

‘You know what would be really cool?’, I asked Myra. ‘If I had a name like Junky Spit. But no, my parents’ surname had to be Jones, and what did thay call me? David. David Jones. It sounds like a shop’.

‘It_ is_ a shop, David. Anyway, Junky Spit isn’t his real name. It’s his stage name. A lot of famous people have stage names’.

‘Wow. Really?’ I really didn’t know that.

‘Yeah, if some people are really serious about doing a band and want to get famous they change their names so no one knows who they are. You know, so there’s less stalkers’.

‘Hey, maybe I should do that. I’ll think of something cool. Something catchy. I’ll work on it tonight. I don’t want to be stalked’.

Myra was trying to listen to me and also focus on what Mrs Burns was saying. ’We’ve got homework tonight’.

‘What, the boy who runs? ’. I hadn’t read the book, but I figured that all this boy does is run. It’s what the title says, and part of the blurb. It goes for 180 pages. I’m really not sure how you can write so many pages about a boy who runs. ‘I don’t have time to read it. It’s all about the band now, Myra. You watch, we won’t even need school soon. We definately won’t need to study that stupid book. We’re gonna be huge’.

We’re gonna be huge.

So that’s pretty much how it started out. Myra on guitar. Michelle on bass. ruth on vocals. Me on drums. I’ve already begun writing some songs too. This is gonna be big.


brendan harkom

Melbourne, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A while ago, I posted the first chapter. I’m hoping to gain some feedback from the wider community, so please, if you read this, and hopefully the first chapter as well, leave a comment. Thank you. Apologies for any bad spelling or grammar – I was doing this in between work.

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