Moving On

Hello out there, Red Bubblers, I’m not sure if there are those of you who like my writing that I’ve displayed on here over the years, but if you do, I would just like to let you all know I will be closing my RedBubble account, or at least the writing portion of it, and moving to my own site,

Feel free to check it out. It is still a work in progress.

Hope to see you there!

Gaining Momentum

Rock Star With Air Guitar, my novella/novel (depending on how many pages it ends up as) is now 70 pages long, and growing. The remaining chapters have been planned, some in quite a lot of detail, and just need to be flashed out some more. I’ve been fully immersed in it for the last two or so weeks, after leaving it for so long. Now I’m determined to have a full draft of the completed story done by the end of February.

There are samples of the opening 2 chapters on my Redbubble page for anyone who’s curious. Although they are complete, they are forever changing as well, so more than likely, especially with chapter 2, the end result will be much different.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join me on the journey.

Cutting, culling and expanding

I’ve been continuing to work on my long dormant book this week. It’s been in the same unfinished 8 and a bit chapters stage for so long, then suddenly BAM! I’ve woken up, finally.

I’m constantly going over what I have written and adding and subtracting, chopping and changing. . .

Things are happening. as a result, you poor people will constantly be bombarded with updates.

Something clicked

It seems, finally, I’ve woken up. I haven’t done this much writing for several years.…

Today, I started going over what I already have for my story that’s been years in the making. I’ve made some minor adjustments and am looking forward to actually finishing a full draft of this thing.

I figured it’s time to take control and perhaps a few chances. I took a chance on sending an email to Nick Earls, and he not only replied, but replied with some very valuable knowledge.

He put me on to ideas like getting in touch with the writer’s centre – a valuable source that also proves valuable to aspiring writers or established ones.

I’m finally approaching my writing aspirations from the right angle, head on, and for the first time in a while, I have a lot of renewed confidence and enjoyment when i

The death of the English language

It is a sad, sad day. I saw this news article today. It’s not so much the subject matter that I have an issue with (but I do have an issue with it), rather it’s the new language being used in the reader comments.

It feels like I’ve become one of those “back in my day” people, but I do remember being taught the proper English language, using actual words found in the dictionary, I remember dictionaries!

Equally as scary is the latest news that children in pre-school are being asked to use an iPad to help with their development. Good grief! Not in my house.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Feeling insprired

Last night, I saw Neil Gaiman doing a reading/Q&A in Melbourne. I met him (sort of, it was more like I gave him a book, he signed it, off I went) and got a very blurry photo of the two of us, courtesy of my scratched iPhone camera, and the fellow who took it.

My fiancee has decided to start up her own business, and she is getting very crafty and very busy.

These two things have made me realise it is time for me to do something as well. So I am. I’ve started going over the draft/s of my book. Reading/re-reading, writing/re-writing. Chapter One is already on here. I’m in the process of adding Chapter 2 later today. I’m hoping that people will not only read it, but also comment on it. I would like to know what people think. Thanks for reading. . .

Revisiting the Past

I’ve been going over all my older pieces, and viewing the comments. I realise I was rather different then, expecting to have people leave comments, but not wanting to respond, or not knowing what to respond with. . .

Whatever the reason, people are now getting responses from comments they made 5 years ago!

Slowly motivated

This is the most active I’ve been on here for a couple of years. Though I still haven’t written anything new yet, I did manage to find a couple of things from 2008 that, until now, I think only one other person had read.

I figure with my future wife and our young little man, inspiration shouldn’t be an issue, I just need to kick my own butt and get busy with the writing.

I hope some of you can stick around for the journey.


I’ve yet again made a statement that I’d be back and writing and on Red Bubble lots, etc, but it seems somehow I’ve neglected the writer in me.

I’ve just been going ver some of my previous work, and also seen that I listed the first chapter of my unfinished book – which at least got me 2 comments. I’m thinking at the very least, if I can perhaps add more of said book on here, I’ll get more comments, more encouragement, and will finally get out of this rut!

On another note, I’ll be seeing Mr Neil Gaiman when he comes to Melbourne this month, reading parts of his upcoming release. Perhaps that can inspire me too.

Thanks for reading.

. . . Like a writer should

I’ve started taking a pen and paper with me on my daily travels. Something I haven’t done for a couple of years. This way, if I see something worth writing about, like I did today, I won’t miss out.

Thank you to all my fellow RedBubblers for your kind words and great works! I think that, along with my awesome little family unit, has contributed to my return to writing again.

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