Hey Guys,

Name’s Brandon Darby, I’m currently a student at the University of Western Australia studying Marine Biology/Archaeology. I started in photography in the underwater area with a point and shoot camera (Sea&Sea DX860G) and then moved up to the CANON EOS 40D.

I’m now shooting with the 5D mk II!

Hope you guys enjoy all the photos as much as i enjoyed, and continue to enjoy taking them….

A special thank you goes out to Russel and Craig at Midland Camera House. If your in the area, drop buy and say hello to them. Great guys. Thanks for putting up with all my nerdy photography questions boys!

Last, but certainly not least. If anyone is in the Perth area and is in need of a photographer. Or if any of you professionals out there need an apprentice, or someone to lug your gear around :)

Send me a bubblemail,
Or email me: brandon.darby@gmail.com
Or call me: 0400743110

I’d love to hear from you!
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It's mine! Back I say!

Well, yes. I can echo everything you all have been saying about the sparse allocations of 5D’s…. It would seem that Canon deems Perth (or Australia I assume) not worthy of receiving such a glorious piece of technology and sent them all to the US, Asia, and Europe. Maybe they still think of us all as Ned Kelly wannabees, or riding around on kangaroos and putting shrimp on the barbie…
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