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Questioning perception

How do your own opinions, perceptions, and ideas come to be? It’s the classic nature versus nurture question, but in a different aspect. How far can you trace where an idea started? If we are raised in a specific environment that shapes who we are, are we not a product of society’s own version of what is considered pleasing and not pleasing? A culture. It’s impossible to know how we might have turned out or how differently our opinions would be if only one moment had occured in a different way. Had you not met that ‘one person’ on that ‘one day’ that happened to be your best friend for many years. Is it all based on timing, our entire perception of how we view life?

Perception is nothing but a translation, but what factors play into How we perceive? One event can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, depending on the person, emotional state, past experiences, all these play a role in just one instant, one breath. How would you interpret a pause in a conversation and how would your interpretation differ from that of someone just observing? The subtlety of it is almost astounding, makes a person question their own values, explore other cultures, walk in another’s shoes, and experience life from a different angle. Change their perception.

I think I started out with a point, but it was lost somewhere in thought, the questions linger…

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