10 features & 7 Top Ten Finishes.in 3 Weeks.

I would like to thank the host of 2 3 4 club for featuring
Also the host of All Pets Great & Small & 50+ Group for featuring
Tender Moment
The host of All About Flowers for featuring
Magic Ripple
The host of Disability & Beauty for featuring
Bonny Cracked a Funny.
The host of Live & let Live for featuring
Pink Lady.
The host of The World as we see it or Missed it & You Big Softie for featuring
Spot the Doggie
The host of Old Farts of RedBubble for featuring
Morris Minor Convertable.
The host of Flowers in Macro for featuring.
Touch of Velvet.
The host of Students & Beginners for featuring
Magestic Red.

Many thanks to all the people who voted for.
Hot Rod1 in the challenge run by 2 3 4 club.
The Lane Down The Road in the challenge run by Country Roads around the World.
Rainbow over the tree Top in the challenge run by Digital Photography.
Yesteray a bud today a magestic bloom in the challenge run by Disability & Beauty.
Landing gear Down & Harbour Taxi in the challenges run by Nikon D90.
Ripple Magic VStop& Smell the Roses.

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