Digital Artifact Series

“A “Series,” for an artist – at least for me, becomes a standard, or a storyline, through which I convey the concepts, and visual values, of my day and night dreams. Paradigms and archetypes, as language, in an artistic medium are never contrary, despite the randomness that may flower out of my efforts through the years. I have never wished to create the spelling of any condescending, or ill-bearing revelation philosophies. It is therefore, through much consideration, and patience, that my work evolves. In this world, and this age of complexities, I wade through a flux of extravagance – a river of mirroring perceptions and real life truths. The latter is messy, filled with beauty, plights, haves and have-nots. Our Earth, waning in its natural wonders, is overwrought in human obsessiveness. On this planet exists the majority of us – neither starving, nor welding the greatest wealth, or power – except though our common streams of consciousness, that can allow us to overcome, both, the ills of our most needy, and the corruption of our most powerful. We only need to exercise it – sometimes leaders are helpful. Aside from this, the middle of us is so wide – it is full enough of extremes beyond the expanding limits that outbound it. And, in the center of this entire universe – I take up my small space… I am but one human being wishing to express myself… It is a humbling experience, trying to put a dent into the veneer of these truths I am aiming through. During my career, I have cruised along, mostly of my own concurrence, within this life surrounding me (and often with less support from my community than I could have wished for – helping me relate to common man). But, I have followed through, upon my oceans of notions, and developed my visions – along with many recalibrations throughout the length of my chosen path. As a traditional folk song, in parts, goes, “The water is wide, I can not cross over, and neither have I – wings to fly… I know not how – to sink or swim… loaded deep as deep can be, on this ship I am in.” So, when the dust has settled by the midst – my art will represent my wonder of it all. If there is a defining nature to my work – it may be the quality, “Ever-changing.” I have grown to know myself as a, ‘reflecting soul.’ As far as I can see, the rest of my life must remain conjecture, and mystery… Such notions are always – ever changing. I am not as great a fence-mender, as much as I am a builder of walls to hold up my dreams. Some will fabricate a steady stream in their body of works. I have rather, ‘meddled in the spices,’ in mine. As such, my art has come to develop into an amalgamation of my experiences that have grown into what I call, Digital Artifacts… Be what they may, I shall never try to explain that my digital artifacts are the sum of a great plan – only the sum of what I beg to share from my own finite life – as I have studied and exercised to better define it." – Brad Michael Moore

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