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Christian Scheuer

Christian Scheuer

Hoffman Estates, United States

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Artist, photographer, builder of things.

I work in a variety of different styles, abstract, documentary, alternative processes. Most of my work tends to relate in theme, that of change, decay and rebirth. My fine art attempts to construct/deconstruct meaning and memory through a combination of found imagery, pop culture and personal iconography, recombining these elements to create a personal vocabulary of imagery and an idea of meaning.

That sounds kind of stuffy, I make things that interest me, sometimes they interest other people, I like that. I tend to work with whatever materials I can, from spray paint on wood to digital imagery, whatever works at the time.

I know stuff about stuff.

Keeping a blog about the art I do at Project: Wall.

I can also be found at Bluecanvas.

  • Joined: February 2011

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