Oldham, United Kingdom

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I specialise in painting, digital imaging and photography.

Two years ago I started painting again which has been fantastic for me. I seem to be a bit obsessed with streets and buildings but enjoy painting anything. This is aided by copious amounts of coffee which Ive come to see as a good friend.

Since being a toddler Ive always drawn, sketched and doodled. At school I took a GCSE in art, coming out with a spectacular F. The fact I had broken my collarbone playing rugby and couldnt finish my pieces of work was deemed irrelevant by my school. I managed to come to terms with this, however Im keeping the flammable liquid and matches to hand in case I become bitter about it almost 25 years later. My youth was spent vandalising walls doing some pretty sweet graffiti pieces and a smaller part of my youth spent removing them after having my collar felt.At college I passed a BTEC Foundation in Art & Design where I flirted with pretentiousness but came out OK and with a new love of paint, Photoshop and Futurism. After this I studied Graphic Design and Animation at University. Goldeneye on the N64 came close to making me fail but ultimately my film about a robot who goes off to explore an unfamiliar world triumphed.

After coming back to the real world and doing real work Ive taken on more challenges, completing courses in web design, Adobe Illustrator and even a rather splended Excel Intermediate course.

The other things in my life are my three children, my wife who helps me be better at being better, cinema, food (cooking and eating of), videogames, zombies and supporting the greatest football team in the world Manchester United.

Im currently working in a school in the art and design departments passing on art tips and life snippets to the pupils.

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The price of creativity

I got home after a long cold and very uneventfull journey yesterday. As I stepped off the bus I looked up to the sky to see the moon peeping through some cracked effect clouds and thought it looked cool. / I got in and dumped my bags and popped the kettle on ready to sit down and relax….but I’d developed an itch. / I packed up my tripod and camera. Put my coat and shoes back on and we…
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