A Lost Love

John and I have been through some saddness, our beloved Spike has passed to the rainbow bridge of life waiting for us to join him.. He was a love and John belonged to him. If John went to bed, not even I could go into the bedroom with out having a fighting dog, as he protected John with all his strenght..
He became ill very suddenly, the Vet said his red blood cells were attacking his white cells. It is a disease that happens to certain breeds.. We both had tears in our eyes, as we were told he may not last the night.
We got meds in hopes that it would help. Saw the vet one more time and was a little incouraged..He was unable to get enough oxygen to his body.
Three weeks ago, on Sunday we took him outside, he went down the steps, then unable to get back up, so I helped him. He sat at John’s feet, panted a few times, looked up at John, took two breaths and laid his head down at his feet and was gone..
We both had cried and still I cry at times. We recieved very beautiful cards from the Vet, friends and his groomer, with a poem about the rainbow bridge..

They say one door closes and another opens… So true. We went to the Humane Society twice and nothing.. The other day I felt we should go, of course we cann’t replace Spike, but there was a little Yorkie terrier mixed with a doxie.. Weights 12 lbs with the most expressions in his eyes. He is four years old and tomarrow we take him to the vet for his check up.. Loves to sit in John’s lap, of course our bed and loves our grumpy cat..
Now the odd thing.. I threw away all of Spikes toys, got Bubby a couple of new ones.
He is very good, house broken, left alone when we leave, never chewed anthing up.
The second day I walked into the computer room and three large clumps of stuffing, like from a toy was on the floor…. I have not found anything that it came from..I thoughI migiht have miss one of Spikes’s toys, no trace of anything, except the 3 lumps of stuffing..

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