I draw things for fun. I have a background in comic book illustration and general computer nerdery but I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques.

I’m a cranky old man in the body of a 30 something year old which looks like the body of an 18 year old. Get off my lawn dammit!

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Star Wars Mashups are the new lensflare/angel wings/lightning bolts

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Betamax is big in Paris

Shirt here
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Other times where t-shirts with stuff on them have highlighted the morons among us

Click on this text here / Wont somebody think of the children!?!?
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Things that make me Yawn

- Photos of flowers [like the internet needs more of these] / - Photos of horses [see above] / - Photos of birds / - Overdone HDR photos. Can we all just agree that HDR looks shithouse and move on please? / - Photos that are black and white, except for one thing, which remains in colour ala Sin City. This cliche is so five minutes ago that it makes my head turn inside out when I see it. / - Thing…
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