Since I've been gone....

Me Again!

I seemed to have racked up a few features since Jude was born and Iv’e been busy!

Getting close to that ever illusive 100 now!

Sima Has been Featured In Photography 101 (86) after placing 3rd In the wildlife close ups competition. Also featured in Top shelf Wildlife and Nature art Group (87)

Stormy Seas got It’s 6th Feature In the group Going Coastal (88)

Bamburgh Castle (IR) Was featured In That One Great Shot group (89)

Rise On the Costa Del Boro Featured In Mornings and Evenings, Sunbeams and Storms Group (90)

Grafitti Street has been featured in Just Walls Group (91)

Alnwick Castle Featured In Treasured UK Structures group (92)

Staindale lake featured in Northern Landscapes (93)

Rise On the Rocks featured In Seachanges (94)

Motorway Mayhem Featured In Bubblers weekly challenge with an honourable mention (95)

Last but not least Scarborough Illuminations was featured in Smugglers Havens Group (96)

Phew, Thats me caught up – Only 4 to go! ;)

Thanks as always to the Mods for the features!

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