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Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire

Scarborough, United Kingdom


A new addition!

Hi all,

After much persuasion I’ve managed to get a really good friend of mine to join redbubble.
After suffering a neck injury he took up photography with being confined to his own home!
He has a fantastic eye for a great photograph and has come up with some truly amazing work considering the limitation he has.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work show up on here!

Here’s his profile link.


At long last!

Apologies to all my friends on here. Iv’e been so manically busy I havn’t even logged on for a month! I’m slowly getting organised and will be back viewing and commenting from now on!
Aside from Jude (Now 6 months!!) theres been loads going on!
Iv’e started a new job at the hospital which has been a mega change!
Iv’e built a brand new photography website.

PM Photography

Iv’e also built up a facebook page to run along side it which is going well!

PM Photography on Facebook

I’m also holdong an exhibition in aid of St Catherines hospice on August 14th. Iv’e got loads of planning to do so any tips appreciated!

Enough about me! I hope all my friends on here are well and I’m looking forward to getting back into the bubble!


New Website

Hi all!
It’s been a busy busy couple of months and somehow Iv’e managed to squeeze in designing a new website.
I upgraded to sell prints directly and cut out the middle man!
Would love to know what your honest opinions are.
If anyone is thinking of setting up a website, I would highly reccomend using clikpic.
It’s very straightforward and hopefully looks good! ;)

here’s the link-

The charity works going well too with an exhibition organised for the 14th of August this year for St Catherines hospice who are also using my image of Scarborough castle in winter as their christmas card for 2010. (yay!)

As i said, busy busy!
would love to hear from you!


Since I've been gone....

Me Again!

I seemed to have racked up a few features since Jude was born and Iv’e been busy!

Getting close to that ever illusive 100 now!

Sima Has been Featured In Photography 101 (86) after placing 3rd In the wildlife close ups competition. Also featured in Top shelf Wildlife and Nature art Group (87)

Stormy Seas got It’s 6th Feature In the group Going Coastal (88)

Bamburgh Castle (IR) Was featured In That One Great Shot group (89)

Rise On the Costa Del Boro Featured In Mornings and Evenings, Sunbeams and Storms Group (90)

Grafitti Street has been featured in Just Walls Group (91)

Alnwick Castle Featured In Treasured UK Structures group (92)

Staindale lake featured in Northern Landscapes (93)

Rise On the Rocks featured In Seachanges (94)

Motorway Mayhem Featured In Bub…

Christmas has come early!

Fantastic news!

Earlier this year I was contacted by the local hospice in Scarborough (St Catherines). They asked if I would be happy for them to use one of my photographs for their Christmas card this year. I met the fundraiser and was told she had a few other people to see and she would be in touch.
I got an email the other day explaining they had picked my image and the cards were “Flying of the shelves”.
The hospice in Scarborough is very well known worldwide and I consider it a great honour to help raise money for the cause.
Of course I get fantastic publicity with 12 shops In North Yorkshire selling the cards, all of which read “Photograph courtousy of Paul McGuire”.

If anybody wants to check it out or even help this great charity you can view the shop here:-


I'm Back!

Hello there!

After a month of sleepless nights, smelly nappys and sleepless days, Jude is finaly starting to settle into a routine giving mummy and daddy a well needed rest!

The little guys doing just great now I’m unfortunately back at work!

I can’t remember the last time I went a day without picking my camera up, let alone a month – Iv’e been getting withdrawls! I can’t resist much longer though with theses gorgeous fresh mornings and beautiful autumn oranges! Jude’s gonna be getting a lot of fresh air!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who commented on my previous journal and at the same time apologise for lack of commenting on others work!


I'm a daddy!

Ok, I know this isn’t facebook but I have made many friends here on Redbubble and a lot of you supported me through dark times last year.

I must be the happiest guy on earth at the moment and would like to introduce to you,
Jude David McGuire,
Born 12/09/09 at 19.59 weighing an eye watering 8lb 7oz!




I try my best not to journal and boast about every achievment here on the bubble but to my amazement browsing through my news feed I noticed a sale!

To make it even better It’s a Framed print, making me a total of 8.00 english pounds ;)

Thats really cheered my night shift up! :)

Now can anyone help me find the buyer so I can thank them? Is there a really obvious way that I’m missing completely or are buyers automatically anonymous?


This weeks Features!

Well how exciting!
I usually have to wait at least a month to make it worth my while journaling about features! I seem to be on a bit of a run and have racked a few up this week so here goes!

Shepherds warning – Featured In DSLR Users (80) & Yorkshire Grit (81)

New Day – Featured In Outsiders (82)

Bamburgh Castle – Featured In UK National parks (83)

Rise on the rocks – Fetaured In Yorkshire Grit (84)

And Finally

Rise On the Costa Del Boro – Featured In Yorkshire Grit (85)

Many thanks to all group mods for Featuring – Special thanks to Yorkshire Grit for recent Featurings! I now have 4 photographs on their front Featured page! Well chuffed!

(Only 15 to go!!)

New Features

Hi all!

Not had much time to update my Redbubble for a while now and still trying to reply to comments!

Preparing for the new arrival, Chaos at work, A family with Swine Flu and the prospect of a photography job have taken up all my time!!

I was contacted 2 weeks ago by a business wanting to display my work and make it available to buy.
I frantically printed and framed 15 pieces of Scarborough and the local area as the business is very tourist based on Scarborough’s Sea front.

I have had lots of positive feedback so far and hopefully on my next Journal I will be reporting sales!!

In between all the chaos I squeezed in a week in Northumberland and had a fantastic time!
It’s such a beatiful part of the country and any photographers dream! (See features below!)

Anyway, Here’s…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait