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The NRA is a Terrorist Organization by boobs4victory

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The NRA is a Terrorist Organization by 


  • cburns4vta
    cburns4vtaover 1 year ago

    As a Marine who fought terrorists and a NRA member this is misleading and offensive to put it lightly.
    Throughout history evil, and oppression has always been preceded by gun control it has led directly to the genocide of over 200 million people and the countless hundreds of millions due to starvation and disease in those countries since the oppressor tends to take from the people what they make without paying a thing. Such is the nature of socilaism. This makes the country unproductive and creates the shortages of every good and necessity of life that leads to those deaths that are beyond the direct genocide. The founders gave us the second amendment so the government would be forced to be honest and useful to people and not authoritarian. And if they ever become oppressive we have the means to stop it.
    Thomas Jefferson Said:
    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

  • boobs4victory
    boobs4victoryover 1 year ago

    NRA members show up at political events with guns. NRA members went into the Oregon Legislature with guns as a “protest”. Protesters use picket signs, terrorists use guns and bombs to effect political change. Showing up with guns is a threat of fatal violence if the politicians don’t vote the NRA’s way.

    And then there is the countless nutjobs who can’t stop talking about their conspiracy to overthrow the government. How they have more idiots like you than anyone could possibly guess. Conspiracy to overthrow the government is terrorism. Trying to effect change through the threat of a coup is terrorism.

    The president is black. GET OVER IT ALREADY.

    You are not describing socialism but dictatorships. Generally set up by larger powers (US or USSR) who allow the dictators to do whatever they want so long as they serve the greater power’s wishes.


  • cburns4vta
    cburns4vtaover 1 year ago

    I’ll take this piece by piece. So first Americans who have the right to bear arms are in public with guns so what. Those people would not pullout or fire those guns at anyone but a criminal attempting to harm them, in fact I for one and all those honest gun totting Americans seeing you in your “F the NRA” being violently accosted would jump in and save your life regardless of the shirt being vulgar and offensive to them. The only person who should fear people practicing their 2nd amendment right peacefully are criminals and people and politicians who wish to violate the God given rights that belong to everyman from the moment he is born till his dying breath, he only through violence against another human can lose those rights and he in that case voids those rights no one takes those from him, he takes them from himself. I would like you to cite one written or provable threat from the NRA or anybody that is not some far out nut job (because there are wackos on both sides I think you and I can agree on that and neither of us would feel it fair to be grouped with them) that has been made against a politician. When I American shows up at rally or anywhere with a firearm it is simply to remind them they represent us to and we have no intention of shooting them regardless of their vote.
    About overthrowing the government let me ask this question: So is it never ok regardless of what the government does to rise up? Is there no offense the govt. could commit that you would say ok now that to much?
    Now I can hear you argue the government is representation of the people. So if the politicians we elect pass gun control of lets say confiscation since it was elected by the people would be what the country wants and thats ok. Our founding fathers saw the individual as supreme and believed that all men should do as they please as long as they didn’t force their beliefs on others or take from or injure another man. What I discusses at the beginning of this paragraph where officials as representatives of the populous are only doing what electorate wants suggest that the collective wants and desires are superior to individual, that is socialism and in violation of constitution. That would be cause for not overthrow but a forced return to founding principles. May I remind you of the fact that our founding fathers were outlaws and probably considered terrorists to the British. And before I move on I will finish cite the declaration of independence: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Our founders actually encourage us to not stand for our rights being violated with that line saying it is our right and our duty to stop such oppression. Revolution or a renewal of principles if required is not terrorism but patriotic to say otherwise is to encourage enslavement and servitude to the master “the state”.
    As to the president being black that is Irrelevant, your comment here implies I am harboring some racist sentiment and that is why I don’t like him. Untrue, I have fought and shed blood with men of almost all color and creed and they are my brothers, my bond with some of them is eternal and not tinted by prejudice. The president could be white and if he believed view for view what Obama does I would dislike him equally. I despise his politics not his color. Comments like yours only serve to racial divide the country and to try to do so along party lines with that minority on your side. That is not only wrong but misleading to black Americans. Democrats have somehow got that segment of Americans to forget that Lincoln was a republican, the man who started KKK was a democrat, that Jim Crow gun laws where passed by democrats in 40’s and 50’s to keep blacks unarmed so they could threaten them at will and keep them from voting, and pole taxes on blacks were passed by black legislatures, and Margaret Sanger founder of what is now planned parenthood and a champion to the left believed in eugenics and talked about how abortion was a great means to control the negro (the word she used not my choice) population. How the democrats sold themselves as the politic champions of black Americans I don’t know, wait that not true it really started with LBJ and his great society when the left kicked handouts into overdrive and devalued the father in the less affluent families of blacks and whites breaking up in both cases family structure making handouts (entitlements) more and more necessary making those who took them more enslaved to them but ensuring their democratic vote so they would continue.
    As for your last bit there, socialism always ends up with a dictator since someone has to make decisions as to what is in the collectives best interests. Examples: Mao- China, Stalin- Russia, Pol pot- Cambodia, CHavez- Valenzuela, Hitler- Germany, need i go on? It is the natural progression of things as evidenced by history since beginning of time. As for who sets them up I am guessing you might agree with me that we shouldn’t meddle in other countries affairs, trade and deal with those who align with your principles and best interest only, others that don’t let them do whatever it is they do on their own. Don’t support them, don’t change them.
    I saw your other tee’s and I will join you in saying “Fuck Monsanto” they are a example of how we have strayed from capitalism and what we have now is corporatism where politicians and corporations are in cahoots and the best idea isn’t what succeeds in business and the bad fail, instead those with influence get loans and favors and bills to protect them, and things that should fail are bailed out with our money. I say let every man stand or fall based on his efforts and same for companies no favors if your product is good it will sell or sit on the shelf and it sits you don’t get govt. funded second chance.
    I like to find common ground on which people can agree it is catalyst for more civil discourse.
    So come on bro… I’m no terrorist I’m an American to that wants to see the greatest experiment in human history our country succeed.

  • People practicing their 2nd Amendment Rights keep shooting up places. Killing lots of people, kids. Having guns out in public only creates fear, if not outright panic. And using guns in “political protest”, i.e. Politics through Fear, is Terrorism. Straight Up.

    Bush stole 2 elections, fell asleep at the wheel and let us get attacked, and then exploited his fuck-up to sell our resources and treasure to corporations and military contractors. Had we tried to remedy Bush with the 2nd Amendment how would that have worked? The 2nd Amendment fixes nothing, it only causes new problems. Bush was fixed with the 1st, amendment, the 14th, and several others.

    Fox led Opposition to the President started with the KKK’s talking points about Obama being born in Kenya. Polls I saw after Obama finally showed his birth certificate had 70% of Republicans still thinking he was born in Kenya. During the healthcare debate no end of people, upon seeing Obama’s face on the cover of The Globe tabloid, told me they hope someone shoots him. And there is no end of racist signs and talking points coming out of Republicans.

    Republicans have been the party of Bigots since the Southern Democrats left the Democratic Party in the late 60’s over civil rights. Republicans have held firm on their being the party of bigots by opposing Gay Rights, vilifying Mexicans when unnecessary wars cost us far more that feeding people, and stealing rights away from women.

    You never see Republicans calling out other Republicans on being Racist, Sexist or Bigoted. You only see Republicans whining about being called Racist, Sexist and Bigoted, generally right before they dash headlong into a racist, sexist or bigoted tirade. So you will forgive me if I don’t take the time to figure out which 12 republicans aren’t racist.

    Our country has been socialist since the great depression. The more socialist we are, the better we do. The more we let corporations write their own ticket, the more they screw over our country. Canada is more socialist than we are. Many countries in Europe are more socialist than we are. And again, the more Capitalist they are, the more dangerous they are. Money and Power run Russia. And they sentenced the women of Pussy Riot to being raped to death in prison for defying their leader.

    And again, guns could not solve Pussy Riot’s problems. They would have been shot and killed on the scene. No one would have known or cared. But because they used music and speech, we all know about them and want justice for them. We see being jailed for being in a punk rock band as being extreme.

    Monsanto is Capitalism. Antitrust Laws are Socialism. Democracy is Socialism. Cash Rules Everything Around Me is Capitalism. Public Schools is Socialism. The Government building Hydro-Electric Damns is Socialism. Enron buying up Public Utilities is Capitalism. Pubic Roads and Highways are Socialism. Banking Regulations are Socialism. For-Profit Prisons are Capitalism.

    – boobs4victory

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