Splash scribble sing strum slurp smash sneeze scream spin… bleep…noize…static…bleep.

Most of the life drawings here were done in 5 minutes or less, as experiments in line, dynamics, expression, meditation, and surrender of control. (More info in my journal entry.)

Fine artist, graphic artist, musician, model, seamstress, sculptor, photographer, bookworm, cook, linguist, philosopher, dreamer, dancer, student, teacher, inquisitor, flower-sniffer, animal-lover, star-gazer, shoe-gazer, social hermit, enthusiastic pessimist, melancholy optimist, inter-dimensional explorer- an intelligently naive, lucidly vague jungle woman drunk on soberism who dwells high on a mountain in the belly of the rain forest… (I also do a whole lot of nothing.)

Happy to give quotes for graphic design/illustration jobs, can provide portfolio.
Many originals of my artworks are available for private sale. If interested, please contact.
Also available as a model.

My solo music here
and here.
Collaborated music project here
Music video here

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: May 2007


T-shirt Homepage Feature!

‘Silhouette’ featured on the RedBubble T-shirt Homepage / This work is also being featured in the form of ‘art’ (not in t-shirt form) in the group Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip! / Thanks everyone :)
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The Joy Of Mark-Making

Art, in every way shape and form, has been a passion of mine since I was little. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. Several years ago I started a “dynamic” life drawing class which taught me to throw away my whole concept of art as programmed into me by my art teachers (and society as a whole) and appreciate the energy, vitality and integrity of an unintended, unplanned ma…
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