Ramsey, United States

Well, where to begin? I am an enigma, mysterious even to my own self. If i were to describe my self it would result in an autobiography. So, in brief, here goes. I am a 33 year old, female, from Minnesota. I have two girls, 14 and 10. I braved a divorce and succeeded. I am a wonderful stylist, not to brag or any thing but I wish for it to be my hobby some day, hobbies are way funner then work.
For fun I enjoy anything that does not cause bodily harm. I enjoy the basics, music, movies, food, drinks, etc. Also, i welcome the extreme. Bungee, gambling, travel, rowdy concerts, ya know, the good stuff! I’ve dabbled in writing poetry, starting at a young age of 5. I always have a camera a long for any journey. I am not a pro by any means but I have captured some amazing moments. All in all i’m a mature, well adjusted, woman who embraces life moment to moment.

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Home Again

I had gone out of town this weekend. I was anxious to get back home, now that I am home, i wanna go back. It’s so easy to escape reality, easy to miss it, yet when you face it, it’s hard to cope. Irony. Not my favorite. All in all I enjoyed myself. I’m tired and I’m gonna go to bed…..Early!
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