Greasemonkey goodness updates to fit the new bubble

As RB bestowed some loveliness upon us the other day (in the form of a significant makeover) some of my little RB ‘helper’ functions broke (or at least ‘warped’ a bit).

For those that don’t know – if you use Firefox to view RB, then one of the excellent addons available to make your life more fragrant is GreaseMonkey . This basically gives people like me to the power to manipulate what comes down to your browser. I user this power for good – not evil :)

So what can they do?

  1. Advanced Search
  2. CSV Work Stats export
  3. Link generator (RB-friendly format)

Advanced Search
Ever wanted to just ‘search’ on specific products in RB, or in forum posts? Currently you have to search… THEN filter your results by product. If you want to search in fo…

Search by product type, search for groups, people and search forums from anywhere in Redbubble

If you use Firefox with Redbubble and you’d like to be able to search by product type, search for people or search the forums from anywhere within Redbubble read on… If you don’t use Firefox – I’d thoroughly recommend it!! :)

UPDATE: 14/05/2009 – Amended to fit the new bubble interface with a slightly different link
UPDATE: 05/02/2009 – Bug fixed where my code interfered with RB functionality like replying to comments and zooming images. All sorted I think. Just uninstall (Tools—>GreaseMonkey—>Manage User Scripts) and download again. :)

After creating a few little helper scripts for the bubble I’ve created a new one that allows you to use the standard search box (found on every page) and filter your search without havin…

GreaseMonkey Script to export ALL your My bubble stats to Excel in CSV format with a single click

After playing with my original CSV exporter I couldn’t resist trying to improve it somewhat.

  1. UPDATE (14/05/2009) : Amended to cater for the new MyBubble layout – no visual changes
  2. UPDATE (26/03/2009) : Amended to cater for the new MyBubble page – now look down the right of the page for the little excel icon :)
  3. UPDATE (31/12/2008) : Fixed a bug and all my scripts now also available on
  4. UPDATE (24/12/2008) : Now added RB work ‘ID’ and Page number (as requested by Jo).

The downside to the original script was that it required you to go onto each ‘works’ page (e.g. clothing p1, p2, art, writing etc) to get the stats for each.

This version (named slightly differently on purpose) works only on the My Bubble page, via a sneakily inserted ̵…

Greasemonkey Script to automatically create Redbubble links from any page

After the My bubble stats exporter, I thought I might tackle something that I think could be quite useful to a lot of people.

Here’s another GreaseMonkey script (for Firefox) that will allow you to take any link or image on the page and quickly grab some text (from a popup) to paste straight into a Redbubble comment/forum/work description etc

To generate the popup information you simply need to hold down Ctrl+Shirt then click the link:

The following shows what you get under different circumstances:

This shows an ‘image link’. The target url and image have both been taken. You’ll notice a description underneath which is in bold. This is taken from the alt attribute of the image (if it exists), otherwise the title attribute of the link (if it exists)

This shows a…

GreaseMonkey Script to export your My bubble stats to Excel in CSV format

NOTE: I’ve now created a new script – read about it here

I’ve been looking for some more detailed reporting in ‘My Bubble’, so I can track how things move over time, and in response to different ‘events’ – like when I add new items, adding to groups etc.

Ultimately we need some reporting tools to export the stats that are shown on the art, t-shirts, calendars, writing and journal pages – to some usable format – or better still some reports (a la Google Analytics (I wish)) that can slice and dice the stats for different time periods. This would really support the ‘commercial’ goals of RedBubblers.

Anyway – back to the present day – here’s a GreaseMonkey user script (for Firefox) that plops a table o…

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