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2010 in Favourites

This years’ been a quiet one for me on RedBubble, but it’s been busy and rewarding in lots of other ways. I just thought I’d pause for a moment and continue the tradition (I unanimously credit myself with starting last year) of a quick ‘show and tell’ of what I loved on RB in 2010.

If you’re not familiar with some of the artists above, then check them all out below – you won’t be disappointed!

  1. DAVO532
  2. Captain Ribman
  3. John Murray
  4. Matthew Dunn
  5. HeavyHand
  6. Mobii
  7. Brian Edwards
  8. Diesel Laws
  9. Naf4d
  10. RevolutionGFX
  11. DetourShirts
  12. PowerPig
  13. Reece Ward
  14. ActualChad
  15. Brad Sharp
  16. Chris Wahl
  17. Greg Wade
  18. Japu
  19. Zomboy
  20. Pip Gerard
  21. BMBaus
  22. SurrealSander
  23. YAWN
  24. Steve Harvey
  25. Simon Sherry

Oh – and (drum roll please)….

My (no prize) award for the most consistently awesome and inspiring creations in 2010 goes to Matthew Dunn.

Have a great (and safe) New Year, and I’ll hopefully see more of you all in 2011.


PS: Here’s what we saw in Melbourne on NYE – pretty awesome fireworks off the top of the high-rise buildings (much better than the harbour bridge! ;) )

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