Hello, I am Maria. I was born in Sweden, but fulfilled a long-time dream by moving to Glasgow, Scotland in 2006.

I started out taking photographs of my family, relatives, wildlife and the beautiful nature where I stayed; over the years my love for photography has grown into more than just a hobby.

I always tried to, with the camera, capture what I see with my own eyes; however, it was not until I learned to understand how the camera works I begun to take the images I wanted. Now, I am no longer using the ‘auto’ settings, I use manual settings which has a great feeling of joy and fulfilment of accomplishment. I tend to keep post-processing to a minimum as I love to know I have captured the image as seen with my own eyes. I only know the basics in Photoshop, such as removing dust spots and how to crop an image and these are the only things I’d like to and need to know.

Photography makes me happy, and to explore Scotland in its ever-changing landscape (and weather), to be behind the camera is a precious bonus.

All photographs are original and my own work and as such are covered by copyright rules and are not in the public domain. Please respect my rights. All rights reserved.

Thank you for taking time looking through my portfolio.

My official website is www.scotland.photos


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