to whom it may concern

to whom it may concern,
you never know which way a path may take you,
but sum how they all lead to you.

i try to avoid these paths as they only lead me to
your soft moist lips, which beckon me with their soft
silent calls.

the fragrence from ur skin which only i can smell
fills my nostrils with desire.

my eyes are filled with your beauty,which encompasses
every artistic beauty imaginable.
they could cut out my eyes but they couldn’t cut your beauty
from me.

my ears hear the happiness you exhale when im
near,and the soft words you sometimes whisper to me.
every musical note you breathe.

i shake and man turns to boy near you
beast into kitten as you press your body near mine,

we move together almost dancing,
our bodies just in tune with each other
i touch your lips with mine so softly,
rolling and caressing each individual
lip to taste your intoxicating flavour.

i become drunk with your lips
our tounges dance in unision
only to be released from their tango
by the air filling the negative pressure.

my lips leave yours and journey your neck
and return several times as our bodies
waltz in time to one another.

i feel your lungs expand and your breasts harden
i pull you closer almost neanderthal like
you collapse in my hands as i savagely but passionately
attack them with my lips,tounge and teeth
savouring them like fresh fruit,

i firmly caress your body as you pull my
hair to make sure my mouth doesnt leave
your body.

slowly we make our way around each other
i drink from your nectar within,which flows freely
delivered via passions tease, warm sticky and sweet

together we feast on each other for
again tommorrow we starve

i cant stand to be near you as i know that i have to
let you go,and i don’t know when we will touch again
the time lapsed kills me inside

i await in my tower for you to walk through my door
to taste,touch, caress and explore,
a world away yet so close, yet we push ourselves back
cause we know wot we couldnt control, would become so
addictive so powerful……………………intoxicating…..

you never know where a path will take you…..
the person to whom this is concerned..

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2nd attempt at writing!!


breasts, passion, wetbits


  • LittleHelen
    LittleHelenover 6 years ago

    Bloody hell Steve!….it’s good!

    Love the tags too ;)

  • thanx, i have a muse so it just fell out of my brain, i say wot i think as it cums out,it wouldve been longer but ive had the bubble lapse in time b4 ive finished stuf and its annoying,so that came from da brain,
    and i have got good hands ova 25 yrs of massage therapy experience!! im also blushin now as thats outta left field for me,im dion wot michael gatch challenged do sumfin ur not comfortable doin!!!
    wanna massage!!!!!!!! lol

    – bodymechanic

  • LittleHelen
    LittleHelenover 6 years ago

    I think it’s great….good on you for writing what you feel! ;)
    Oh…I had one of those hot stone massages a while back…OMG…..omg….perfect :|

  • wen ur down this way ill give you a excellent massage!!(professional) seriously uve got 1 on ur credit with me!!! yes free and awwwwwwwwesummmmmmmmm

    – bodymechanic

  • Sara Lamond
    Sara Lamondover 6 years ago

    Well Steve… never knew you had it in you! The body mechanic is a romantic – go figure.

  • oh yeah ive got it in me,i dont know about romantic!!

    – bodymechanic

  • Michael Gatch
    Michael Gatchover 6 years ago

    Ha, I like it. So glad you answered the call and took up my challenge! My next work in that line of thought should be done soon.

  • bring it on MG, hey im finkin of another just to drop outta my head and stompin it in here,ill see where my head space is at

    – bodymechanic

  • Kym  Breeze
    Kym Breezeover 6 years ago

    wonderful writing…..great to express what lays within….cheers

  • it lays sumwhere very deep within,but its there and i let it loose now and then!!

    – bodymechanic

  • Paul Louis Villani
    Paul Louis Vil...over 6 years ago

    Well written Bro!
    So much passion and fire and yes it’s great to have a muse!! :D

  • yes i have a tendancy to do things with much passssssssion!!
    my muse can not be disclosed!! are but she is more than worthy

    – bodymechanic

  • Kym  Breeze
    Kym Breezeover 6 years ago

    We all need to let loose now and then….enjoy….cheers

  • Marco Britti
    Marco Brittiover 6 years ago

    Great writing Steve! Never knew!

  • u never know!!!!!!

    – bodymechanic

  • Cate Townsend
    Cate Townsendover 3 years ago


  • hello i have my comp back on line!!!

    – bodymechanic

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