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CAn't login to RB site -

Hi all- / I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone for comments and favoritings and watchlists – I’m one of the people who can’t get the RB site up or login (explained in this thread ) I’m on the local library computer now – I’ll be back in the swing i hope as soon as i can get the site up on my home computer – Amy
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Big Thanks to All -

Logged in this morning to find that i had lots of favoritings and comments for my footprints of the Buddha T Shirt, and was featured on the homepage! Well, I missed it, it seems like it was posted to the homepage 13 hours ago, at which point i was in bed asleep in the northern US of A. And now i’m up, and it’s gone! So big thanks to all for the comments and faves and dates, and esp…
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