Many of you will (hopefully) have read the article I did of coloured pencil artists on Redbubble.

It is an on-going project that I am constantly adding names to.

I am now planning to do something similar about pen and ink artists.

To commence, I am going to provide some details on a favourite artist of mine, Anita Inverarity

Anita has done some beautiful coloured work but at the moment she specialises in pen and ink drawings which have a natural charm that appeals greatly to me.

Here are a couple of her drawings and I’d ask you politely to go and see some more of her work in her portfolio

Here is a fantastic portrait Anita has done of another favourite artist of mine, Alexandra Felgate:

Like many people I am enchanted by the Alice stories and here is a great drawing of Anita’s showing the Cheshire Cat:

This portrait of Anita by Barbara Glatzeder leads me neatly into Barbara’s artwork:

Medused, by Barbara Glatzeder is a favourite of mine because of the way she has depicted the hair so well:

See more of Barbara’s work here

My friend Peter Tucker has joined us recently and he too does some cool pen and inks:

Here’s Peter’s portfolio

LTScribble is another good artist I like. Unfortunately, like many, her work is protected so I can only copy a small image:

The larger version can be seen here though

Catherine Howell has some marvellous work in her portfolio. Here is a pen and ink:

Here is a link to the larger version

POWER OF LOVE by LinMarie is another good example:

Here is the link to see it larger

Edgar Pleat … by Paul Compton

Pitts Plane by Woodie:

Here’s a larger version

Here’s a really clever drawing by Ming Myaskovsky:

and here is a link to a larger version

Here’s a great drawing of Chief Sitting Bull by George Sanderson:

…see more of George’s work here

Lynnette Shelley has done a great elephant with ink:

See more of Lynnette’s art here

Here is a sample of Madvlad’s ink drawings:

To see his collection of almost 1,000 drawings, click here

Stephanie Smith produces life-like pen and inks and colours them digitally. Here is one she hasn’t coloured, so it qualifies as black and white ink work:

It’s protected work, so I could only show a small image, but I would definitely recommend a visit to Stephanie’s portfolio

I asked Anita if she knew of any good pen and ink artists I could include and she suggested Stephanie, but I’d just added her. Anita did suggest some other good ones though, such as Zombie Rust (Zombie and Rouble), whose work is illustrated here with a small image and a link to her portfolio:

See here for Zombie Rust’s portfolio.

Lynette K is another good artist Anita suggested:

See here for Lynette’s portfolio.

Genevievem is another good artist Anita reminded me of:

See Genevievem’s work here

A wonderful example of what can be achieved using pen and ink is John Dicandia’s superb drawing of The Dark wood:

To see this full size, click here

One of the coolest pen and ink artists on Redbubble is Brettisagirl. As I ama Dylan fan I have to show you her Bob Dylan portrait:

Now go and look at the rest of Brett’s fantastic work

John Dicandia has just added a superb example of penmanship with his The Dark Wood:

To see this (and his other work) click here

Oops – silly old me forgot Lenora Brown’s lovely work …

For a better look at Lenora’s portfolio click here

… and now I’ve just found a lovely pen and ink drawing by Rob2:

See more of Rob’s wonderful work here

Here is a lovely pen and ink drawing by Elisabetta Trevisan:

See it full size here

I’ve just been shown a lovely drawing by Dave Butcher:

If you want to see it full size, CLICK HERE

Here is a fantastic geometric drawing by Dramirali:

I’d advise you all to visit Dramirali’s Portfolio and especially read his profile to see how he began to do geometric drawing.

Here is an example of Arletta’s drawing.

Arletta has a staggering 55 pages of art in her portfolio for you to browse though.

Here is a tee-shirt design by AngelArtiste:

Here is AngelArtiste’s portfolio

…. I’ve just discovered this superb drawing by Susan van Zyl:

Here is her portfolio

…. a young sixteen-year-old here who looks like she has a bright future in art …. Bekyy93

James Guinevan Seymour, an artist currently living in the Republic of Korea, suggested I add him to my list, so here you are James :-)

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I am a retired man who enjoys expressing himself in pencils and paints. I have had two solo exhibitions in my home town and I love Redbubble. I get as much pleasure from viewing the works of other artists as from creating my own.

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  • mrcoradour
    mrcoradouralmost 5 years ago

    WOW that is so clever, it’s also my passion.


  • Do you do pen and inks Malcolm?


  • linmarie
    linmariealmost 5 years ago

    great idea there buddy,, hope you check mine out too,, will check out these other artists,, some great works here,, peace and love linmarie

  • I was going to include Power of Love, but it is protected, so I can’t copy it :(


  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederalmost 5 years ago

    cool collection, thanks Dave :-)

  • Look below at LT’s comment – I got you another fan :)


  • LTScribble
    LTScribblealmost 5 years ago

    i liked Barbara so much i added her to my fav….i need to add Anita as well….totally awesome work…..i"m waiting for Peter to come out with some more artwork….They all are very amazing artists….each one treating your eyes to something quite wonderful

  • I haven’t forgotten you either of course. I’ve known Anita a while now on Redbubble. Barbara and Anita are friends so i thought it suitable to mention them together. Peter is a friend f mine from the Isle of Man who has just joined Redbubble after constant nagging from me :)


  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederalmost 5 years ago

    sweet :-)) I’m sure Anita will be thrilled, too :-)

  • linmarie
    linmariealmost 5 years ago

    Thanks Dave for including my Power of Love, drawing,, means a lot too me,, you rock ,,, peace and love linmarie

  • Catherine  Howell
    Catherine Howellalmost 5 years ago

    Wow Dave!! How sweet of you to include my work:) I appreciate you!!

  • Sean Farragher
    Sean Farragheralmost 5 years ago

    fantastic works,,,,,,,

  • © Linda Callaghan
    © Linda Callaghanalmost 5 years ago

    some great links here Dave…! :-)

  • madvlad
    madvladalmost 5 years ago

    great idea,dave thanks for including this nut too,your so cool,lord i know i have thousands of these out the in the world from my days 187-1997 or longer?hugz pal

  • It wouldn’t be a true list of my fave artists without you on it. I reckon your work will be worth millions when you die, so all I have to do is force you to leave it all to me in your will and then shoot you :) Now where’s my old pop-gun and corks :)


  • I’m replying to this as a test – I am having problems tonight trying to reply to my Journal comments. Every time I reply I get logged out of Redbubble. I wonder if this gets through.


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