I’ve always been a fan of Redbubble but recently it is dead – on my page anyway :-(

This afternoon I posted a new drawing on Redbubble and also on Facebook. I got 9 hits on RB and 23 on Facebook – go figure … what’s happened to Redbubble?

I used to get five times as many hits on RB as I do now …


  • John Dicandia  ( JinnDoW )
    John Dicandia ...almost 2 years ago

    It’s the law of averages. Facebook I found is a great place to showcase your art. Everyone I know is on there, including family and friends.

  • I worry about Facebook because I have had a few messages telling me it isn’t safe to post artwork as anyone can steal it. I now post small images of my art with my name across it somewhere. I am flattering myself that anyone would want my art anyway.


  • Virginia McGowan
    Virginia McGowanalmost 2 years ago

    Too hot here to bother Dave. and still all at the beach holidaying.. and …..too cold there to bother yikes snow!!! brrrrr .so hot here, I am dripping with perspiration into my ear and eyes I can’t see the pc properly; bush fires in other parts of Oz, lots of houses burnt, lots of stock gone and suffering…fb only takes a minute to see things too. .

  • I wish I was too hot to bother. We’ve had a bit of a thaw. My Canadian cousin just told me an hour ago that it is -10c where he lives.


  • Bunny Clarke
    Bunny Clarkealmost 2 years ago

    It’s been slow all over. Others from the other art sites have complained of the same thing. :o)

  • In a way I find that encouraging. I have been doing very little art recently, on the grounds that there is no point in spending hours doing something that no-one looks at. I stuck a few up on Facebook and had nice comments from people who haven’t spoken to me for months. I’ll stay here in the hopes it will improve though.


  • barnsis
    barnsisalmost 2 years ago

    I can not answer your question but it is the same for me. I have wondered and asked others and they all say the same, they are experiencing the same thing and have no answer.

  • I used to post a picture and within an hour I’d have had half a dozen comments. Now I have to wait hours for one person to comment. Facebook is a new experience for me. Today I had an online chat with a group of friends … one from Wales; one from Canada and one from south Africa.


  • Erika .
    Erika .almost 2 years ago

    I’ve definitely seen the same on my side. I’ve heard that lots of artists disliked certain rules or guidelines and many left. I’ve recently come back to RB after a long hiatus and the feeling was instantly different – I still can’t get used to it here. I don’t like the slowness at all, but I hope that it picks up somehow, if it ever will.

  • Yes Erika … it is the slowness that I don’t like. I said ages ago that they were wrong to alter something that was working so well. Redbubble was the best thing that happened to me and I spent far too much time on it – I was almost addicted. Now it is like waiting for a slow bus to arrive.


  • barnsis
    barnsisover 1 year ago

    I got on RB at 6AM this morning, I had to leave and go to St. Louis to a Dr. appointment and then run some errands. I just got back on at 2PM, eight hours later and I had five things to comment on. SAD

  • Byron – are you on Facebook? It’s more fun than I thought it would be. I’m staying loyal to Redbubble too though.


  • Erika .
    Erika .over 1 year ago

    Yes! I agree with you. May I ask what was the altering that occurred exactly? I’m still confused as to what happened. But I do miss the old days, the connectivity and support and inspiration. RedBubble changed my life as well when I joined, I can definitely relate to you in that sense too.

  • They just rearranged things. It didn’t take too long to adjust but a lot of people got fed up and left.


  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smithover 1 year ago

    Dave, I know I haven’t been as active on RB as I used to be, but that’s because I haven’t had time to make much personal art lately either, much less participate in challenges and some of the other fun RB things, so I haven’t been logging in. It sounds like I’m not the only one in that boat. Some of the groups I used to frequent have gone dead, and I feel a share of guilt in that for not having been around myself, not that I was all that frequent a poster but the sense of camaraderie was wonderful. :(

    I don’t think they’re two separate things, I have my RB account linked into my FaceBook so it automatically posts in both places (tho I do notice I get more attention on my Facebook page when I post something manually instead of using an automated widget) At the same time I’m also wary of posting my artwork on FB directly because they’re constantly mucking with their terms of service.

    Increasingly I hear from other people that you have to keep a toe in as many social media venues as you can manage because people shift their attentions back and forth, but to do it strategically — i.e. if you’re trying to make sales, make sure your FB posts link to your RB page. Unfortunately that gets exhausting. It’s hard for me to follow more than one site at the same time, that’s for sure. I’ve been told I should get onto Deviantart, but the thought of maintaining presence on yet another site just makes me tired, lol

  • Stephanie – I understand you. I have joined loads of art sites, but Redbubble is the only one I really use. I haven’t tried linking Redbubble Facebook. I usually only post very small images onto Facebook because that way no-one can use them.


  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 1 year ago

    Well there are many MANY reasons why things are getting slow on RB as it has been mentioned. On one hand it is the changes that made people fed-up and leave. On another, many of us have been caught up with other things in life. As for the comparison with RB and FB… well we have to take into account that not everyone in our FB circle are able to make comments on RB ~ most are more likely to have more connections there than on RB.

  • FB and RB can supplement each other.


  • barnsis
    barnsisover 1 year ago

    Yes here is a LINK to my facebook page