I was doing fine on Redbubble last May, with 63 of my pictures featured in various groups. After that, other commitments stepped in and my art took a back seat. I was rarely on Redbubble and by December I was down to zero Features a month.

A couple of months back I decided it was time to devote more energy to my artwork and to upload onto Redbubble again. In the last five weeks I have completed and uploaded eleven new drawings.

My absence made its mark, as initially after returning I was getting very little response from viewers, but now I am pleased to say that so far this month I have had 36 of my pictures Featured in various Groups and I have received some really encouraging comments from old and new friends on Redbubble. I find it exciting too to view the new artwork by old and new friends and to exchange comments and Bubblemails with many of them.

Life steps in and takes over occasionally, but for now I am concentrating on trying to produce some new pictures and some new (new to me that is) ideas and to try new techniques with my beloved coloured pencils and inks.

So thanks everyone for your friendship and encouragement.

Have a lovely day,

Dave :-)

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