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On Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 my wife and I attended the Duchess of Alnwick’s garden party … along with 8,000 other guests.

The guests of honour were her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip … and the footballer, Alan Shearer. We caught glimpses of the Queen over the heads of the 8,000 crowd (although my wife couldn’t see, being only five foot tall). We saw a much better view of the Royals when they climbed the stone stairs to the fountain.

My wife had the brilliant idea of going to Bondgate Within (the main street in Alnwick) to see if we could catch the Queen’s walkabout and sure enough, there she was, with Prince Philip, and Jane Percy (the Duchess of Northumberland) and Alan Shearer. I took some photos and afterwards my wife and I went inside Alnwick Castle and saw the massive banqueting hall. I noticed there was still warmth coming from a large ornamental coal fire and a few burning embers remaining. My wife suggested that maybe the Queen had been having her lunch there. I had a quiet word with one of the castle guides, who confirmed that indeed the Queen had sat at the centre seat of the banqueting table only an hour previously.

Here are a few photos I took. I don’t have an expensive camera, but I did the best with what I have.

The first photo is my wife and I.

I was telling Barnsis recently that we British don’t go in for flag-flying, but Royal events are the exception to the rule ☺

Here is Her Majesty talking with Jane Percy (Duchess of Northumberland) and footballer Alan Shearer:

Here is the commemorative wall plaque the Queen unveiled:

Here are some of the crowds lining the street waiting for the walkabout:

This, of course, is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

Here is her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh:

…. and here are the Royal couple about to leave by car:

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