I just wanted to mention that as I have been on Redbubble almost four years I now have a rather LARGE Watchlist, as I like lots of artists’ work.

This means lots of artists are uploading new work, which appears in my Feed.

Because there are 900 artists on my Watchlist, my Feed fills up very rapidly.

After an hour or so it has totally changed and I never have time to skim through all the pages, which means I miss all those artists who upload while the United Kingdom sleeps ☺

Over the years I have had a few complaints from artists who feel I am ignoring their work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t assume this to be the case. If you have something you want me to see, don’t be shy to Bubblemail me, or email me if you are one of those who has my address.

Happy painting/drawing/ photographing/Photoshopping/sculpting, etc.



  • LisaMM
    LisaMMover 3 years ago

    Thanks for you very thoughtful message here Dave. I will never take it personally if you don’t get around to visiting my art. I know the feeling of trying to keep up with all your favourite artists work. It can become quite overwhelming. Don’t stress ….enjoy, have fun and continue creating. :-)

  • I also try to thank everyone who comments on my work, but at the moment I am a little behind with that, so I hope they will forgive me.


  • Ginny Schmidt
    Ginny Schmidtover 3 years ago

    No problems here, Young Dave. Only now I want to peruse your watchlist to see whom I might add to my own.

  • I do that often. I also check people’s favorites lists and their list of groups they are in.


  • April Jarocka
    April Jarockaover 3 years ago

    You’d never ignore anyone intentionally….

  • That’s right – never intentionally – only when I am daydreaming :)


  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 3 years ago

    That’s way too many to keep up with, you shouldn’t feel bad for not getting to them all. It’s easy to let RB or social sites take over, but really no one has that kind of time. I don’t expect anyone to look at everything I do, and hope they understand I also can’t get to everything, either. Wow…that’s a lot of artists to watch, no one could view everything.

  • I try, but can’t usually keep up.


  • LordTemplar
    LordTemplarover 3 years ago

    Dave, I don’t think that you ever neglect anyone.

  • I do try not to.


  • barnsis
    barnsisover 3 years ago

    Well I feel neglected, you have never commented on my art.

    (:>) Just teasing, and it is not my art it is my son’s

  • Hmmm very good – he has captured your likeness :-P


  • Seriously though – where can I see your son’s artwork?


  • Lenny La Rue, IPA
    Lenny La Rue, IPAover 3 years ago

    Like the others above, no need to apologize for exactly the same problem many of us face daily. If we didn’t have anything else to do we’d still run out of time to really appreciate the works of so many talented artists.

    Worry not. If I think you’ve forgotten me I can always complain to RB that you’re not playing nicely. Hehehehe!!

  • Thanks Lenny.


  • Rich Ladig
    Rich Ladigover 3 years ago

    Enjoy what comes your way, Dave.
    And call it a day!

  • Thanks Rich.


  • barnsis
    barnsisover 3 years ago

    I have images of several of his paintings on my page but they are not public, I could send you shots of them in a bubble mail If you like. I am out of town in St. Louis and will not be on line very much until thurs or fri.

  • barnsis
    barnsisover 3 years ago

    HERE is his Redbubble page but he doesn’t have any of his oil paintings on it.