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Many people on Redbubble seem to be divided as regards Groups and Features. Some place great importance on them; others couldn’t care less.

Personally, I am immensely pleased when I get any of my pictures Featured. It encourages me to continue painting. We all need a source of motivation and for me it is being favourited, featured, commented on, etc.

I keep a record of every time I get featured. In the beginning, it was easy, but the more time I spend on Redbubble the more I seem to get Featured (a hint here for those who come along once a month and wonder why they aren’t getting much attention).

I take an interest in what other artists are doing and I like to socialise. Since taking medical retirement I don’t get to meet too many people. When I was a postman I met people all day long and chatted with them. Apart from two or three good friends here in Blyth, my favourite friends are on Redbubble.

To get back to Features, I take a print screen photo each time I get Featured and I border my picture in thick black to identify it easily. From this, I can monitor which of my pictures are popular and which (by their absence) don’t hit the spot.

Here is my system if anyone else fancies trying it (the numbers in brackets are the number of Features per month – amount varies):

…. and here is a glimpse inside one of the folders:

Before I go, let me thank those who organise the Groups that have Featured me so far … and those who will Feature me in the future.

I shall now name and shame the Groups that haven’t featured me yet:

Ha-ha – only joking! :)

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