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A tumblr post? About ME?!

That’s right, Insanely Gaming has made a special little post about my shirt, and now its boosting my views and getting me attention. I’m so happy!

I found that also GeekPride and

Screen Glow reblogged or Blogged it!

(I’m a bit fuzzy on how Tumblr works, but I’m so happy to see 126 likes, comments and reblogs!)

Also, look! Its in the most popular of the last 7 days!

Please remember to help me get my shirts printed at Qwertee and Other Tees by voting!

Lots of excitement!

11163 veiws on my Redbubble work…Maybe its not all people liking and enjoying the 45+ items, but its a lot of publicity, and some positive feedback, sales, and enjoyment.

So, to celebrate this achievement, I’ve released several (4) designs early:

These works are also up to vote on qwertee, here:

I’m so excited to have reached such a monumental number, and I hope it keeps rising exponentially. If I ever reach 50,000 or 100,000 I might have a heart attack…I’ll just tell you now.

Please, keep giving me more feedback, help, guidance, and support, and if you haven’t been doing so, feel free to start! ;]

New Designs to vote for on Qwertee!

Really, I like the “2 player” version better, but either way, if one gets printed, I’ll post both designs on here…heck, how about if I reach 150 votes on one, I’ll post the other on here, and then later, I’ll post the “leading one”. I just want to see if they get popular before I let people buy them off RedBubble.