Simply said: “It is not what we see, but how we see it”…..

I began my photographic journey really at an early age since I always had some type of Kodak or instamatic or Poloroid camera in my hands. I started to take it seriously in the early 70’s while living in the city of Atlanta where I focused on sports and events and some portrait work. I moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the late 80’s where I currently reside. I love capturing people in a natural and comfortable environments, in groups, with pets, or just pets. My garden and nature provide an array of subject matter since I grow lots of food, herbs and flowers on a little slice of paradise I call Earth Magic – 10 acres in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Residential and event photography is also a part of my venue, where I bring in the majority of my income. I love taking photos, and have been accused of having camera appendages because I never go anywhere without them. You just never know what you will see. Stopping time, capturing a moment, preserving a memory or just putting God’s creative artwork at center stage is what my photography is about.

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