Red Bubble's Newest Host's Headache

So this morning I went to post my Group Features. Wouldn’t you know it another new change. Before we could click on the View Info for the Artworks thumbnail and get it’s number as well as it’s name and have all it’s information needed to feature it. However that number no longer coincides with the Artworks actual number so now on you must actually open each Artwork individually in order to get it’s correct number in order to feature it’! No nice all in one stop to make it quick and easy. Hey what do us hosts know about anything, why check and ask us about what works and what doesn’t? Why don’t we matter when we are the ones hosting the Groups, doing the Features and whatever else to help boost The Red Bubble cause? I’ve loved doing …

New Group "Alberta" Was Approved

It is with great excitement that I received our notice from RB a short while ago the Our New Group Alberta had been Approved. Alberta is such a diverse province that there is so much to share. Myself and my Co-hosts Vickie Emms & Sean Jansen are looking forward to seeing just what this group can do. So come along and join us on our journey with this group. ALBERTA I look forward to seeing your photos.