Holidays Finally

Well I’m happy to say our HOLIDAYS have finally arrived. We leave tonight for Newfoundland. Our first big Holiday ever. 19 days of exploring the island with our very own tour guide. She’s our daughter-in-law. Born and lived on the island. Once there we are motor homeing it across the the island and are looking forward to the trip. I can’t wait to try and get some pictures. Hopefully we get to see some whales. Where our daughter-in-laws brother is they have had a beluga whale in the bay for the last while and we are hopeful in stays until we arrive there. So until we return Take Care All.


Help Me If You Can Please

I suspended entries in the Group Canadiana over the long weekend as the wasn’t going to be any hosts around to do any moderating. I went back in last night and put it back to accepting 3 a day again. All should be well except you cannot click on Canadiana today. It shows fine but no matter what you cannot place a check mark in front of it to save your soul. Any suggestions to fix the problem would be appreciated. Thanx

New Group "Alberta" Was Approved

It is with great excitement that I received our notice from RB a short while ago the Our New Group Alberta had been Approved. Alberta is such a diverse province that there is so much to share. Myself and my Co-hosts Vickie Emms & Sean Jansen are looking forward to seeing just what this group can do. So come along and join us on our journey with this group. ALBERTA I look forward to seeing your photos.