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Spring, Glorious Spring

I am pleased to announce the re-opening of the group “Spring, Glorious Spring”. If you are not already a member of this Group and would like to join, please b-mail me.

Sold a poster!

I was so thrilled to learn that I had sold a small poster this morning! A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.

Sold another i-Phone case!

I just received – much to my surprise – the manufacturing receipt for an i-Phone_6_tough case. I was totally unaware, as no e-mail had arrived advising me of the sale. A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.


I am very happy to announce the re-opening of the Group "Fresh Foods Fantastic and invite you to submit your fantastic food pictures. My friend and co-host, Graeme Hunt and I will be running some challenges in the near future. While this Group is an invite only group, if you are not a member already and would like to join, please b-mail either me or Graeme and we will be delighted to send you an invite In the meantime please help get the Group going again by submitting delicious food pictures.Take your camera with you on your next shopping trip!!! Features will be published at the end of October, which will give you time to submit any Hallowe’en orientated ones, though please make sure that food is the focus.

Kind regards,


Collage Sold

I was delighted to learn that I had sold a collage yesterday! A big Thank You to the unknown purchaser for choosing my work.

Cause and Cure

The cause of my problem turned out to be a browser add-on developed by Rich River Media and called “Rocket Tab”. Canada, the USA and the UK are the countries that have been most affected by this malware. It does not appear in Control Panel, so cannot be removed by the normal process. For instructions about its removal, click on one of these links:-

Instructions for removal are available in several other languages on these sites. Just click on the relevant links.

YouTube Warning

I quite often embed YouTube videos in the Description area of my pictures. However, I am now receiving a Firefox warning that the connection to YouTube is not secure and that somebody may be trying to impersonate the site. If you are a Firefox user and you have embedded any YouTube videos in your descriptions, please check them now to see whether or not you are getting the same warning. It may be an error, but better safe than sorry. I have just put a blank space after the colon in the code, so that the link remains, but the video is no longer embedded. Then, when the problem is resolved, I will just close the gap and the video will re-embed. I strongly urge you to check and take this action. Hopefully the inconvenience will only be temporary.