I was born in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.
I studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. I majored in Painting and sculpture. I just started to paint again when I came to Australia as I have no access to a kiln. It was nice to rediscover painting again after many years of doing mostly work in clay.
I also love photography and I have been working on improving that as well. So most of my pictures and art are a marriage of the two countries I consider home. My husband (MaKay) is from Australia and I was originally from Canada. We are now settled in Warrnambool, Victoria. I try and work on my art in between my very taxing job as an Alcohol and Drug counselor. I try to engage clients in creativity and art as an outlet whenever possible.
I look forward to sharing art and information and meeting other artists from all over the globe.

Please visit my other site for different products such as tote bags, high top runners,address labels and more.

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