Never Forget

May we never forget that day, that sight,
When the towers bent and broke under that fateful flight.
Plumes of smoke and ash filling the sky,
All we could do was stand and scream; “why?”

Fire and choking and burning the floors above,
Where now was God’s famed love?
The events repeat and another hits the tower’s twin,
Onlookers helpless in the magnitude of the sin.

Sirens soon replace the screams and shouts,
Heroes rush in to save all they can in any amount.
Without hesitation or pausing for fear,
A comfort to those trapped, knowing they were near.

Time goes by in this hour less day,
But horror is revived as the towers lean and sway.
In slow motion we watch them fall,
One by one, to add to it all.

A monster of smoke, dust and glass engulf the crowds,
They run to evade the choking cloud.
Buildings and the skies disappear in the mess,
Disorientation and panic in the thickening blindness.

Live for those who did not have the choice,
Shout for those heroes that never had a voice,
Remember that day for those with uncertain futures;
Never forget the terror behind the pictures.

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We all remember the horrific events of 9/11, and all the lives lost due to a selfish and sadistic act of so-called “martyrdom”, or whatever. I remember coming home from school and seeing these pictures on the News, of a plane smashing into a sky scraper and in my naivity though; “wow, what film is this coming out then?”. Then the ‘breaking news’ ribbon appeared on the bottom of the screen explaining the act of terrorism that had happened earlier that day in New York. I sank into the nearest chair not wanting to accept that what I was looking at was real, and on top of that that someone could be so full of hatred to want to create that much death and destruction.

Now i’m almost 10 years older and I can more understand the events of that day, part of me still can’t accept what I saw that day, and the image of the plane and then the billowing smoke will stay with me forever. In rememberance of all of the people that lost their lives, those who lost loved one, the heros of the emergency services and everyone affected that day by those events, I have written this poem.

I’m a small-time photographer, writer, sketcher, painter and whatever else I fancy dabbling in! From the island of the United Kingdom, I work and play in and around the South West.

I take photos of anything and everything that inspires me, and use other forms of creativity as my outlets. I use these to try and inspire and allow others to see the beauty of the world through my creations.

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