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Sorry for the pause in production of my designs

New stuff coming soon! (including something that might be my best work ive made so far!!)
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Fixed my computer and got photoshop back

I’ve had it fixed for a few days now but I frogot to mention it. / Uploaded some new tee-shirt designs!!! / Check them out
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My Computer's A Wreck...

Earlier this week I wrote an entry about how my computer was “locking up”.. Well I called the computer repair man and they got onto my computer. They tried updating my anti-virus program to webroot spysweeper (which I tried doing) but it locked up for them too. They tried doing a lot of things but it got to the point that the virus I had was changing files so they wouldnt open, st…
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Without Photoshop...

My computer with Photoshop CS2 keeps on “locking up” when I try to start it up.. might have to take it to get looked at because it seems like a problem with windows.. / My world revolves around that program.. I mean its hard for me to go to someplace interesting just to photograph for a couple reasons… It’s possible that it could be until Christmas that I am able to ge…
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