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I’m blueclover, and i’m a university graduate from the UK. Art and photography is my hobby and i love to share my work with...


The Daffodil by blueclover The Pond Skater by blueclover The Pond by blueclover Dusk Sky by blueclover Girl by blueclover Petals by blueclover Smiley Man by blueclover Silver Face by blueclover Young Birds by blueclover The Swan by blueclover Sunshine on the hills by blueclover Emerging from the gloom by blueclover Camera Flash by blueclover Sitting Duck by blueclover Pop Art Muffins Inverted by blueclover Pop Art Muffins by blueclover Plasma Ball by blueclover Chocolate Muffin by blueclover The Scott Monument by blueclover Hazy view over Edinburgh by blueclover Water, Earth, and Sky by blueclover Calendar Cloudy Mountains by blueclover Lake and Mountain by blueclover Lakes View by blueclover Eerie Cloud Formation by blueclover

The New One

I scan the horizon, / Hoping you are there, / But I will stop searching, / Because you will find me, / When I least expect it…

Heartbreak (2)

But you sit there doing nothing, / Just thinking about it, / With your arms wrapped around yourself…

Losing You

Losing the love of my life, / And my best friend, / Has just about destroyed me. / But I am slowly finding, / I can exist without you.
A Winter Walk by blueclover A Snowy Lane by blueclover Icy Holly Berries by blueclover Snowy Fir Branch by blueclover


I can’t bear to be in a happy home, / ‘cause by night it tortures me with nightmares…

Vampire (2)

Feasting on what her eyes see, / Pleasures of the flesh invoke her evil side…

A Winter Nightmare

Waiting for the snowfall to cease, / And the sun to burst forth through the clouds, / Waiting for the ice beneath my booted feet to thaw…
Old-Style Modern Wheel by blueclover Manchester Wheel by blueclover Wheel Reflection by blueclover

Out of Nowhere

Overwhelming feelings of despair, / Bringing me down…

Bittersweet Memories

My eyes clouded by the pain of constant rain, / The world is a little less clear without you….


Dreams make what you wish come true, / And then by day they haunt you. / They scream the things you don’t want to say…

The Redhead

And now my heart is broken, / And I covered up my head, / And my beautiful maroon hair is gone…


Is your long silken hair, / Ravaged by the crusty sea air…

The Mirror Lies

Insecurities make us wish we were like “her”, / Making us hide beneath clothes, / Beneath layers of make-up…

Brittle Bones

Thin pale body wrapped in so many layers, / Trying to hide, / Trying to keep warm…

A Prayer

I ask for acceptance, / And to fear no rejection…

Voices of the Dark

The voices seep through the air, / And into your very being, / Like an intoxicating black mist….
Ninja Duck Hiding by blueclover Hide and Duck by blueclover

Winter Blues

I still miss what I have lost, / And I’m full of regrets that I can’t let go of, / And my heart still has a gaping hole, / And I can’t find…
Poppy by blueclover Foxgloves by blueclover The Truly Random Calendar by blueclover Calendar

I’d Give It Up

Maybe I’d give up my home for you? / My earthly possessions, / The roof over my head. / Is this not enough?

Afraid of the darkness

And then it slips out its tendrils, / And they search along the floor, / And grab me by the ankles…


A heart so empty and alone, / Yet still I wait by the phone…


On the next leg of the journey, / A brand new face, / Another companion for this soul…


She has stolen millions of souls, / Leaving each society full of holes, / Not caring about each family or lover….
Romance by blueclover Calendar The Alternative Calendar by blueclover Calendar Flowers by blueclover Calendar

Never Speak Again

Those three wonderful words will never leave my mouth, / So I don’t get hurt by someone who doesn’t really care.


Burning my veins, / Infecting my mind, / Losing consciousness,

Out of the darkness

And as days and months passed, / It grew bigger and brighter, / And welcomed me out of the darkness, / Beckoning me into the light.
Image on wood by blueclover Bead and sequins by blueclover Fairy Lights by blueclover

Can’t Keep Me Down

The world is a huge scary place where old meets the new, / And where children become adults too soon.
Balloon in the evening sky by blueclover Balloon on the Coast by blueclover Sandstone Cliff by blueclover Sand Face by blueclover Heart bead and more beads by blueclover Tulips by an Archway by blueclover York Minster Against the Blue Sky by blueclover Bright Tulips by blueclover Orange Poppy by blueclover Heart Caught in a Net by blueclover Glass Heart In the Rain by blueclover Rainbow Clay in Plastic by blueclover
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