Hmmmmm something about myself hey!!!

My name is Brooke Lucy Gill, I’m a freelancing artist based in Sydney. I became serious about my artistic talents when i worked as a clean up artist at DisneyToons Studio here in Sydney.

If i don’t have a pencil in my hand it’s a paint brush and if i don’t have a paint brush in my hand, it’s most definitely a pen stylist, or a needle and thread!! (yes I sew!!)

I love creating any form of art work that intrigue’s and inspires. Whether it be in the form of an illustration, a design for a t-shirt, a painting, a flash animation or cute baby clothes.

Enjoy browsing through my designs, send me an email if you’d like me to do any freelance work for you.

Cheers :)
Brooke Lucy Gill

  • Joined: October 2008