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If you haven’t worked out the meaning behind this from the title yet, this is me with 9 hours sleep collectively in the past 83 hours and counting.

I just got back from uni a few hours ago (that’s right I’m in Uni now, it’s quite the drag) and just did some 20 minute presentation about Modernism and Photography. I’m in quite the shock of the tutorial teachers remarks, she said “it was incredible with such broad knowledge presented in a very intellectual, engaging way, and for first year students that is incredible, it was of third year quality.” (I’ve only started half way through this year, it’s only been 3 weeks so far, and everyone else has one semester under their belts)
I did it last minute, and it was shit in my eyes because i had no idea what the hell i was reading, and i just wanted something down no matter what, just so it could be over and done with.
It was funny because I did it with a partner who had the same mindset as me on this whole task, which was good because it meant there was worry about disappointing someone with my shitty work, and the teacher said we obviously worked really well as a team and with great communication back and forth between us, even though the only communication was 2 emails sending our finished points in PowerPoint just last night/this morning, I’m so surprised we didn’t have repetitive information and conflicting ideas seeing as we had no idea what the other person was going to say up until the moment we were presenting and I really didn’t worry about that because all I wanted was to have it over and done with, no matter the marks.
I was about to laugh as the teacher was commenting on us because I was thinking about how my brain was really lacking any functions to comprehend what I had written out in the past couple days and what the hell I had just done so I was so sure it would have been craptastic due to my immense lack of energy, enthusiasm and brain function.
I had my notes that I was reading out on 4 different coloured pages of different material because this morning at around 6am I was about to print out my stuff when I realised there was no white paper, just an assortment of fluoro coloured cardboard and paper so I went with it.
I’m still smiling at the whole situation, I definitely didn’t deserve the praise we were getting and my partner had a similar view on the whole thing.

When I got home I was thinking of just crashing in bed and sleeping, but I know it won’t work knowing the past few nights experiences of just laying there, seeing as I wasn’t stressed about uni I’m still not sure exactly what it is that has stolen my sleep away, it could have at least taken away my tiredness with it. So instead of sleep I decided to document my appearance of this moment.

“Of course I’ve been up all night! Not because of caffeine, it was insomnia. I couldn’t stop thinking about coffee! I need a nap. (He falls asleep, then wakes up) Coffee time!” Phillip J. Fry .

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  • Traceyisanozzy
    Traceyisanozzyabout 5 years ago

    You look how I feel sometimes ………LMFAO, sorry, but you crack me up, the ciggy just tops it all off and your hair, it’s priceless LOL!! Mind you, you don’t look half as bad as you should, sleep deprivation is revolting, have you started halucinating yet? By rights you should’ve by now :)
    Congrats on your presentation, tomorrow you won’t remember a thing LOL…..
    seriously, big congrats, sounds like you’re going to blitz the course!! :))
    BTW……..LOVE the title lol………

  • Well the sleep, although little, is well dispersed so i’m not all that bad right now point, just dark bags under my eyes. I’ll probably get some well earned sleep tonight, everything is taking me forever to do, my mind just stops after short periods of time, it has taken me like 20 minutes to just write this out.
    …. and thanks Tracy

    – Daniel Angeles

  • MicheleRandell
    MicheleRandellabout 5 years ago

    I love this whole rambling story and the self portrait to match :)
    Uni’s like that… can never understand the mindset of lecturer’s comments half the time and the fluoro paper just makes me laugh….
    Hope you get some sleep soon….the whole ordeal looks like it has taken it’s toll on you :)

  • Ha, thanks Michele, the paper made me laugh to once i realised i had only that and nothing else.

    – Daniel Angeles

  • veritasunsaid
    veritasunsaidabout 5 years ago

    HAHAHAHA…thats gold
    that is what i am like 90% of the day (yeah im a uni student as well), oh but without the impressive hair style!!
    that (and i pretty much NEVER say this) but instant fav!! haha

  • Ha, well i feel sorry for you then.
    and thanks

    – Daniel Angeles

  • Cora Wandel
    Cora Wandelabout 5 years ago

    You are so funny!

  • why thank you

    – Daniel Angeles

  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederabout 5 years ago

    whoo, doing your hair must have taken AGES! lol x

  • only took a few seconds, took way longer to get it back to normal.
    (i put up your portrait of me with the coffee stain on my profile if you don’t mind, i was just looking at it and wondered why i never put it up ages ago)

    – Daniel Angeles

  • midzing
    midzingabout 5 years ago

    lol… love this,,, I have just finished doing 6 night shifts,,, and honestly this is how I look and feel!!

  • Well i hope you dont have to do anymore, thats quite cruel.

    – Daniel Angeles

  • hsien-ku
    hsien-kuabout 5 years ago

    have you discovered the joy of chocolate coated coffee beans? they got me through uni (much nicer than eating coffee out of the jar with a spoon at 4am)

  • Have no idea where to get them, but yes i have sampled the heavenly delight…. the spoon is also good though

    – Daniel Angeles

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerabout 5 years ago

    Eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr……. brain in meltdown due to lack of sleep and stress….. I think……. or…. what?

  • maybe so

    – Daniel Angeles

  • Sarah Moore
    Sarah Mooreabout 5 years ago


  • :)

    – Daniel Angeles

  • sunith shyam
    sunith shyamabout 5 years ago

    reminds me so much of hendrix

  • Best compliment EVER!!

    – Daniel Angeles

  • im just sleepier and with messier hair and less cool… close though

    – Daniel Angeles

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