To Tell, Or Not To Tell?

unearth one deteriorating finger, dig up an entire rotting corpse. watch the maggots eat away at the flesh and bones that once held all together.

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you tell a secret to save a life.
they dig a deep hole.
you instead told a secret that killed a life.

does that make sense?
i kind of want to leave this vague.
but yet…i feel as if the thought behind it won’t be understood if i don’t explain it.

someone you love tells you a Secret. a dark part of their life that few know. a violation of their rights, of their body, perhaps.
you tell that Secret to save their life. or at least make it better. reveal such dark foulness of the world to an authority.
authority does as it always will do. authority digs deeper. past the Secret itself. into the past, present, future.
that in itself being a violation of said loved one.
authority finds more than the Secret’s accused. authority finds other secrets. incriminating. but not to the utmost danger of the Secret.
one by one authority calls secrets out into the light.
though the Secret may be righted, your loved one’s life has not been saved nor made better.
rather, it has been made worse. perhaps shattered all together.
secrets kill a soul.
it’s not what you meant, we know.
so the question remains:
To Tell, Or Not To Tell?

in saving a life, you may be killing one.


authority, corpse, finger, kill, life, love, maggots, rotting, save, secrets


  • bloodyactress
    bloodyactressalmost 4 years ago

    it’s all a big metaphor i suppose.

  • KevCantStop
    KevCantStopalmost 4 years ago

    Oh. My. Gosh. That description is super deep. Wow. Just wow babe. Absolutely incredible.

  • :) thank you love. it’s an old topic for me…but it’s been on my mind lately. i needed to get it out. i love you <3

    – bloodyactress

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadalmost 4 years ago

    Be wary before you call the law… We all lie, including those who have more power to ruin than to save… Destruction lies in it’s wake more often than salvation.

  • your words mesmerize me, sir. you speak with such eloquence and knowledge. you have managed to put all that i was trying to say (which took me multiple paragraphs) into just a few sentences. you have grasped the concept of this piece and that it is the most i ask for.
    thank you so very very much for your beautiful comment!
    much love

    – bloodyactress

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadalmost 4 years ago


  • ModernMythology
    ModernMythologyabout 2 years ago


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