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Altrincham, United Kingdom

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Hello there internet people, my name is Bleepsy and I design stuff. If you are reading this you have, by some fortunate series of events, found yourself looking at my profile. This is a good thing. Feel free to peruse at your leisure my magnificent, albeit limited, portfolio. You may see this and despair at the fact that there is so little to see but do not fear. Calm your wonderful, beautiful self and be safe in the knowledge that I am designing new products as we speak. Many of these will include a variety of satirical t-shirts though this is by no means all that will appear. Many of my future products will be influenced by something else, such as video games, television or films but there will be some that are, very simply put, displays of my genius mind at work and very little else. So please, relax and snuggle up in the light of whichever piece of technology you are reading these words on and have a little look around.

  • Joined: November 2013

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