I’m a closet creative. I’ve only just figured out how to get out of the closet too. It’s scary and daunting, but there’s so much for me to explore and try out. I’m excited to finally share some of my projects here on Red Bubble.

When I’m not practising and trying to better my art, I also write silly poems on my website:

The Unobservant Poet

I’m working towards illustrating my poems one by one.

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Sharing work

I guess there comes a point in a creative’s life when, your friends ask what you’ve been drawing and after some persuasion you tentatively show it to them. I don’t know about others, but for me, there’s always that millionth of a second where I don’t want to show them. Must be the insecurity, the “oh it’s not as good as I’d like it to be”..or …
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Well this is exciting. My first work is now up. It’s not much compare to all the beautiful art here on RB, but still, it’s a design I’m proud to share. Here to hoping for many more hellos and journal entries in the future!
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