Look at these things you made. All things shine.The Thin Red Line

We sometimes speak the truth for absence of the capacity to do otherwise.
Intending neither to hurt nor to inflame, only to purge oneself of what one must say, the impetus being not desire but something even more archaic.
Namely, the ground of the ontological itself: BEING, that which finds its expressive possibilities in only two ways:
There is the acceptance of existence in full, which is nothing other than LIFE replete with the actuality of LIVING.
Otherwise, there is the discourse of DEATH. (Only most either refuse or are unable to translate its message.)

If we are never to meet in this life again, allow me what is only right, which is that I experience the lack of it.
For at the first glance of your eyes, I gave myself over with a passion unrivaled.
Who were you that I lived with, celebrated with, slept with, with whom I wrote and puzzled life, laughed & cried with for such a span, so short in its eternity?
Was it all just a dream,
An elaborate ruse of my potent imagination so intractably construed as to be shared from the azure of my eyes with the multiple hues of others?
Do you appear differently to one with green windows, as verdant & intense as yours when you communicated the depths of your soul to me?

You remain, you know: cannot help but to do so.
You are in the scent of patchouli, the softness of every woman’s lips, the intensity of experience long held in abeyance.
There you appear, unwilled & uninvited, which is not to say that you have intruded, that I would willfully refuse you admission were you to ask for it.
These are simple facts I state; this is just how it is, the times when I most urgently feel your revenant, the ghost of all that was, the sheer beauty of your abiding in me, yet.
Thus you live, & thus you shall continue.
There is no more point in fighting the remainder of our division than there was in doing battle with the explosive force of our initial coming together as one.

Ironically, it ends just as it began: IT IS.
There being no more use in struggling with what in this way IS, than there would be in tipping at windmills
My tears having long since rejoined the elemental, I find myself standing here, dimly yellow & scorching red Fall leafs in my hand, knowing IT IS, and so it shall remain.


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I came rather late to poetry and even later to photography. I have graduate degrees in philosophy. I realized sometime ago that nearly all of my work makes some sort of implicit argument, and it often makes rather esoteric references to philosophy. Sorry: not trying to be turgid. It’s what I know, and it what Pan whispers into my ear.

You may find my newer, more formal photography at:
Thanks, Rusty

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  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedover 4 years ago

    OMG…how can I even be on this site when there is such work before my eyes xxxxxxxx I adore this piece

  • I’m flattered, Abundantly Red. What a great way to begin comments on this work. Thank you. xo, Rusty

    – Rusty Gentry

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedover 4 years ago

    I dare to walk the thin red line cheers xx

  • Without such a dare, the plenitude of life will pass us by, or so I believe. DARE ON, my friend.

    – Rusty Gentry

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    Rusty – you’ve expressed, and very beautifully, that which I’ve struggled in many forms to say. From beginning to end, I was caught up and carried away upon the undeniable truth you’ve written here – that love just IS and no matter what the truth “looks like” to those outside it, “There is no more point in fighting the remainder of our division than there was in doing battle with the explosive force of our initial coming together as one…” and that the beloved remains and cannot help but do so. And yes, such truth just has to be expressed but I’ve not seen it expressed more purely, more profoundly or more sincerely than this. Exquisite, extraordinary and painfully compelling writing. xoxox

  • Lianne,
    What can I say; you bring tears to my eyes. There is perhaps no greater intellectual feeling than when someone just gets it, absolutely and positively gets it. I’m not sure that there has been an instance prior to this, when anyone other than she of whom is referred above, fully bored to the core of a piece of mine, which is to say, of my being. Thank you, so much. I hope that you know this feeling. For you have not brought me to tears only, you have given me goose-flesh. You are an absolutely amazing woman. I cannot thank you enough for your steadfast support. Love, Rusty

    – Rusty Gentry

  • rubyjo
    rubyjoover 4 years ago

    beginnings and endings and all that is in between- just is
    thats as basic as it gets
    well said

  • My Dog, Rubyjo. We view you, at last. One should not hide such beauty. Also, I thank you so much for your comment and your support. It is needed more than you know. xo, Rusty

    ps: I need to get around to a b-mail to you.

    – Rusty Gentry

  • mss3
    mss3over 4 years ago

    Rusty this is an eye opener of a write! I love lianne’s comment and have been told many times…let go and let someone love you. It’s difficult when you’re a searcher…you want answers, you look for reason. Then someone comes along..there’s no reason, rhyme or answer and in one tick you give all of you to that someone. Open yourself to be hurt, to laugh…I have come to believe that you have to go “all in” when it feels right. I can’t imagine any other way to love, laugh or cry. Wonderful write – E

  • Amen, my mysterious Eleanor. What otherwise is the point of life: either go all in or get out. Actually, that sounds harsh; it is my mantra, to each her own. I cannot imagine just existing, rather than living, with all the fucking pain that involves. Allow me, if you will, to point you to another piece of mine, which is pretty much my philosophy of life in a nutshell: Celebrate the Earth: Its Joys and Cruelties In Even Share, For Such Is Living!. I hope that you will enjoy this, my friend. xo, Rusty

    ps: more Stevie, please!

    – Rusty Gentry

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 4 years ago

    sigh……..I’m sorry Rusty. a reason for everything I so try to believe. sending hugs. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • My dear, I’m a-Okay. It has taken me a while to get here, but I live one, as I always will. There is simply nothing to do but to relish what we had and move forward. Indeed, I suppose that you are one of the few who actually know to what this refers. I can’t make myself believe that there is a reason for everything: else why a woman dead in my arms for no fucking good reason other than she was smashed? Nonetheless, I take my contingencies as they come, and try to make something coherent out of them. Long live live! Love, Rusty

    ps: thanks for the hugs; I’ll always take them and return them.

    – Rusty Gentry

  • G .
    G .over 4 years ago

    Congrats on the feature!!

  • Wow! I’m honored, JustG. Could you explain a member’s feature to me? I suppose that I get the idea, but would like to make sure, before I go off half cocked: the story of my life. Thank you, for the honor. Cheers, Rusty

    – Rusty Gentry

  • BiographyofRed8
    BiographyofRed8over 4 years ago

    FUCK THIS IS BRILLIANT, seriously? there is an undercurrent of richness even in that way of the layout of words, the choices of images that to a reader, who is standing on the outside is touched by, beyond not really knowing what he is being touched by. Is it the meloncoly of the reader who can identify or is it, that longing within the heart of the philosopher who knows “it is”

  • Damn, my man: than you, for such an inspiring comment. As to your question at the end, I would hope that the answer is, a bit of both. The great thing is to have readers who dig to the extent that they are transformed into experiencers, if you will. I learn a great deal about both my art and your aesthetic ethic, when I see such a comment. Thanks again, Rusty

    – Rusty Gentry

  • sophiaavene
    sophiaaveneover 4 years ago

    I’m glad you walked the Thin Red Line and I’m sorry that the fall from said line was damned. Damned heartbreaking! You deserve so much more. Some day . . . This piece is, as others have said, brilliant, as are you!

  • Indeed, I rule the world in my own head. Of course that’s the outside world I rule there, certainly not the world of my own head. Oh, isn’t lanugage grand? So much nonsense to counteract all the fucking nonsense, which type is indicative of cultural discourse in this, the age just prior to the cockroach. You’ll have to wait until I post the story to unravel that last one. Visions of a new world order it the disorder of the world in my head. hahahha! Feeling playful today! Thanks, Mom

    – Rusty Gentry

  • tinhearts
    tinheartsover 4 years ago

    Wow! I love the way you express yourself! Your writing makes me want to read more. Thank you for this awesome eye opener into your heart. You seen so in tune with how it all should be and let it be again as one.
    awesome write! xox

  • What a wonderful comment, Warmheart! This makes my day. I wish that I could claim to be so in tune with how things should be. I do my best. Your comment is really touching. I am glad that you enjoyed it1 xo, Rusty

    – Rusty Gentry

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